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Every person who has received Taylor Swift’s 22 Hat during the Aussie leg of The Eras Tour

Oh, to be the chosen one!

Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour has many traditions — including friendship bracelets, “Sydney!”, “1,2,3, Let’s go, b**ch” and more recently adding Aussie-isms into her show. But none are more famous than the coveted ‘22 Hat’ giveaway.

Each night, while performing the hit song 22, Taylor walks up the mammoth stage, gifting her signed black hat to a fan, swapping a homemade bracelet, before hugging them and continuing on performing the banger.

While we’re not 100% sure what goes into creating the magical moment, we do know that the recipient is sought out by TayTay’s team of security — or sometimes Mama or Papa Swift — to bring the lucky person to the forefront.

So, who has received the number one prize during the Australian Leg of The Eras Tour?

Sydney, Night 4: Monday, February 26 – Ines, 10

10-year-old Ines from Sydney, a long-time fan of Taylor, attended the concert with her mum, Pauline, and was randomly selected during the show! After Tay hugged Ines, she also blew Pauline a kiss. Ines was very emotional and it was divine!

What a lucky final Aussie recipient!

@pauline.rolfe How did this happened??! My daughter getting the #22hat #taylorswift #erastour #sydney #night4 @Taylor Swift ♬ original sound – Pauline Rolfe

Sydney, Night 3: Sunday, February 25 – Lily, 5

5-year-old Lily was the lucky recipient of the hat after a school speech in 2023 went viral. Speaking about why she loved the pop star, she not only won her a school award but the hearts of Australia AND Taylor, herself.

Sydney, Night 2: Saturday, February 24 – Archie, 9

9-year-old Archie, a dancer from Sydney was the lucky recipient for the Saturday Sydney show after Taylor (or Taylor’s team) spotted him shaking it off in the crowd.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph after the moment he said: “It was amazing, she came and knelt down and gave the hat to me and I just gave her a huge hug. It just felt amazing to be with her.”

Sydney, Night 1: February 23 – Scarlett, 9

During the first Sydney Live Show, 9-year-old Scarlett received the Black Hat from Taylor. A bitter-sweet moment, Scarlett is currently battling a brain tumour.

Scarlett’s step-mum Natalie had started a campaign before the beginning of the tour, in hopes her child might be the one to receive it.

“Scarlett is a 9-year-old from Perth, and she was diagnosed in October last year with a high-grade glioma — this is a very aggressive brain cancer with no cure,” she penned on a fan page for Swift.

“The prognosis given to us was 12-18 months from diagnosis. She has been an absolute warrior through surgeries, radiation and other treatments (all done to try and prolong her life). I just want [Scarlett] to experience everything in life and if anyone deserves a little happiness it’s her. She deserves the world.”

Melbourne, Night 2: Saturday 17 February – Oliver Mills

During Melbourne’s second show, Taylor gifted the hat to Oliver Mills, a TikToker from New Zealand whom Taylor has seen on the platform.

He was also dressed as Jack Antonoff from the clip of him and Taylor producing the Getaway Car bridge. 

Melbourne, Night 1: Friday, 16 February – Milana Bruno

During Taylor’s very first Aussie concert in Melbourne, 9-year-old Milana Bruno became the first to receive a 22 Hat, a concert-goer who was also enjoying her first concert…ever!

After singing her little heart out and dancing on her chair, two of Taylor’s team members approached her and her family; however, Milana thought she was going to get into trouble for singing too loudly! LOL!

“I was crying – it was my very first concert and it was a lucky one,” Milana told The Sunday Age after the insane moment.

“She was really nice and hugged me. She said, ‘Thank you for coming’, and I said, ‘Thank you for giving me this opportunity, kneeling on the stage and meeting you.’

“And she said, ‘Oh, you deserve it’ and gave me the hat.”


9-year-old Milana Bruno might be the luckiest girl in Australia today. The Age reporter Abbir Dib chatted with her. #taylorswift#swift#swiftie#22#22hat#melbourne#erastour#reputation

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