The Vanderpump Rules Reunion

Four bombshell moments from the wild Vanderpump Rules season 10 reunion

Buckle up, it's a wild one.

The hotly-anticipated #Scandoval Vanderpump Rules season 10 reunion part 1 episode finaaaaally aired on Hayu last night, and boy, was it a doozy.

In case you’ve been living off the grid for the past few months, an affair recently went down on the show that was so scandalous that it managed to make its way into headlines across the world – including The New York Times.

Tom Sandoval – who is one of the OG cast members on the show – had an affair with one of his girlfriend of nine years Ariana Maddix’s best friends Racquel Leviss. Ariana found out about the affair when his phone fell out of his pocket and she picked it up and discovered an explicit recording from Racquel to Tom.

The affair caused a huge rift between all of the cast members, with most taking Ariana’s side and condemning both Sandoval and Racquel for their actions.

This all happened at the beginning of March. While some cast members have leaked info about the affair and the cast’s reactions to the press, fans have been patiently waiting for the reunion episode to air to see what really went down.

After months of anticipation, part one of the reunion aired last night, and, it didn’t disappoint. Check out five of the wildest moments from the reunion below:

Ariana’s red revenge dress and her savage comment about Tom Sandoval

Pics dropped of the jaw-dropping red dress that Ariana wore to the reunion back when it was filmed back at the end of March, but we still can’t get over what a power choice it was. What most don’t actually know though, is that the red number is actually a cropped jacket and matching pencil skirt by Mônot, not a dress.

An-y-way, it looked fire but the scorned reality star didn’t just look hot AF, she retained her trademark sass and threw a zinger Sandoval’s way. “Well, he looks like sh*t,” she commented as she walked past him.

Raquel watched the reunion from a trailer nearby

Racquel Leviss. Hayu/Bravo.

For (probably) the first time in Racquel’s Vanderpump career, she was the star of the show. But, despite her huge role in the shenanigans, she watched the reunion from a trailer outside and many fans are wondering why.

Well, upon finding out that Racquel had been f*cking her best friend’s boyfriend of nine years, Scheana Shay allegedly punched Racquel in the face and the reality mistress obtained a restraining order over the incident, meaning that the two reality stars couldn’t be in the same room for the reunion.

James Kennedy had to be physically restrained

James Kennedy. Hayu/Bravo.

James Kennedy has come a long way since he made his debut on VPR as a meek 20-year-old busboy at Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurant Sur. Over the past few seasons he’s found his feet as a DJ and has become one of the show’s breakout stars.

However, casual fans who have just tuned in for the #scandoval (Tom Sandoval scandal) may not know that he used to be engaged to Racquel, and considered Sandoval one of his closest friends.

So, James was rightly quite mad about the affair and made these feelings very obvious at the reunion. At one point, he had to be physically restrained after getting into a heated argument with Tom Sandavol. And, it wouldn’t be a VPR reunion with an iconic James Kennedy line, which he delivered in spades.

“I am way more ripped than you!” He screamed at Sandoval mid-fight.

He later stormed off set because he wasn’t down with how much Lisa was supporting Sandoval. 

Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz’s mixed up timelines 

Vanderpump Rules. Hayu/Bravo.

For those who aren’t super familiar with the dynamics and backstories within the Vanderpump Rules group, Sandoval and Tom Schwartz are super-duper close besties, who even own a bar together (with Lisa Vanderpump) called TomTom. Throughout the past ten seasons, they’ve covered for one another time after time when it comes to dogging their girlfriends, and share a very strong bro code which (most probably) states that they will always cover for one another.

When news broke of Sandoval’s affair, Tom Schwartz was dragged down too as fans were convinced that he knew and critcised him for not telling Ariana. After all, she was a groomsman at his wedding and the pair had been pals for nine years.

In the reunion, the host Andy Cohen asked the boys men when the fair started and it seemed they hadn’t run through their timeline prior to filming. Tom Schwartz claimed the affair started in August while Sandoval said it was late January.

Vanderpump Rules Reunion season 10 part 2 drops on June 1 at 9:00pm on Hayu.

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