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“She lied to me”: Food Stars contestant shocks Gordon Ramsay with a call from… Madonna

"Gordon, I want my chef back!"

Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars Australia 2024 delivered the A-List goods when contestant Pia Hambour of Bodega Deli in Victoria called Madonna during her pitch.

During the March 26 launch of the brand-new Channel 9 series, the 35-year-old revealed that she was Madge’s personal chef, prompting her to call the icon and leaving Gordon Ramsay and Janine Allis in shock.

“Are you a chef?” Gordon asked Pia, who responded: “Well, I’m private cheffing at the moment…for Madonna.”

Pia Hambour from Bodega Deli, Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars. Nine

In disbelief, Gordon asked her: “So, I can check in with her later on a reference…?” before Pia said she could call her, before “M” (lol) picked up.

“Pia, what the hell?!” her Madgesty said, joking that she hadn’t “eaten since you left”!

“I’ve got Gordon here, he doesn’t believe me,” Pia told her, to which Madonna said: “Gordon, I want my chef back!”

“She lied to me, she told me she was going to visit family. And now she’s gone on a TV show!”

pia hambour food stars gordon ramsay
Gordon Ramsay and Pia on Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars. Nine

Gordon then tried to smooth things over by asking Madonna how her family were, ya know, normal convo you’d have with her…

“We’re all very hungry!” she said and HA!!

gordon ramsay food stars
Gordon Ramsay on the phone to Madonna. Nine

Explaining that Pia could be the “first Australian Food Star”, Gordon then asked Madonna if she would support Pia on this journey.

Madonna declined, not wanting to give her up.

“A good chef is hard to find,” she said, before saying “Hell yeh!” to providing a reference and admitting that she and her family missed Pia “terribly”.

“I hope you lose,” Madonna yelled through the phone before adding a final: “F**K YOU, PIA!”

Whatever was happening… more of this!

About Pia and Bodega Deli

Apart from being Madonna’s private chef, Pia is an entrepreneur who has made a name for herself in food and hospitality.

Born in Adelaide and raised in Melbourne, Pia moved to New York City to work at Mission Chinese, where she got a job as a sous chef within two months, before spending several years working in well-known eateries, including Roberta’s Pizza in Brooklyn.

During the global pandemic, Pia returned to Australia where she completed an apprenticeship at Movida Next Door.

Pia with products from Bodega Deli, Instagram @bodega_deli food stars
Pia with products from Bodega Deli, Instagram @bodega_deli

At the same time, she launched Bodega Deli Pantry Food Stores, which offers a range of products such as hot sauce, Japanese curry, hot honey, and chunky chilli oil, with her products sold in more than 20 stores including Meat Smith, Kioma, and IGA Brunswick.

As we’ve now discovered, Pia has worked as Madonna’s chef for over six months; however, her ultimate dream is to build a self-sustainable farm and restaurant.

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