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Marcia Hines returns to Australian Idol Grand Finale post-collapse, later revisits hospital

"I couldn't have missed this for the world."

Australian Idol’s Marcia Hines was glowing as she took her rightful seat at the Judge’s table during the March 25 Grand Finale, after collapsing in her dressing room on March 24.

Addressing the audience, Marcia, 70, thanked everyone who “reached out towards” her.

“I do appreciate it,” she said before adding: “And you guys need to know – I couldn’t have missed this for the world. I couldn’t have.”

Marcia Hines on the set of Australian Idol. Seven
Marcia Hines on the set of Australian Idol. Seven

Kyle Sandilands then told Marcia to “show us your gash”, to which she then pulled her hair back to reveal stitches.

“I got stitches and everything. It is all good. I’m good,” she said. “I go back to the hospital tonight. I’m going back.”

Marcia continued the Live show without incident, watching Dylan Wright take the Australian Idol 2024 crown.

Dylan walked away with a recording contract with industry giant Sony Music Entertainment Australia and $100,000 in prize money.

Kyle Sandilands, Marcia Hines and Amy Shark. Seven

What happened to Marcia Hines?

On March 24, Marcia was absent during the live broadcast of the first Grand Finale instalment and was replaced for the evening by Guy Sebastian.

At the show’s beginning, host Ricki-Lee Coulter revealed that the 70-year-old was “unwell” before Kyle interjected, saying it was a “real downplay” to what had actually happened.

“Sorry, sorry. That’s a real downplay. She [Hines] was taken out of here in an ambulance,” he said. “Just so that everyone knows. She’s fine. She’s well. But she didn’t just ring up with a headache. She went down.”

Marcia Hines, Instagram
Marcia Hines, Instagram

At the time of the incident, a production source told East Coast Media: “Marcia had a medical emergency and was rushed to hospital. She won’t be on Idol tonight. Guy Sebastian filling in as judge.”

At 8.00 pm on March 24, Marcia took to Instagram to update fans on her wellbeing.

“I’m very sorry that I’m not there with you all tonight,” she said. “It’s been a big few days of work and I was feeling a little unwell. I’m resting up now so I can be back with you all tomorrow night.”

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