Gordon Ramsay and Janine Allis on Food Stars

Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars Australia is a mash-up of Shark Tank and Hell’s Kitchen

What a concept!

If you count Shark Tank and Hell’s Kitchen among some of your favourite reality shows, then you’re going to love Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars Australia.

The brand-spanking new series is the Australian iteration of the American franchise; Food Stars, and is hosted by Gordon Ramsay and Shark Tank’s Janine Allis.

It’s been described by the Sydney Morning Herald as a “casserole containing a range of familiar ingredients, with bits of MasterChefThe ApprenticeShark TankThe Voice and Survivor“.

Food Stars
Gordon Ramsay and Janine Allis on Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars. Nine.

What is Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars Australia?

Global culinary superstar and CEO Gordon Ramsay will go head to head against Australian business mogul Janine Allis to find Australia’s most exciting and innovative new food and drink ideas to mentor and invest in. 

The official press release for Gordon Ramsay reads: “Contestants will first pitch their concepts hoping to win a place in the competition and their dream investor. With only 14 spots up for grabs, they will need to put their best foot forward to impress Gordon and Janine for the chance to be selected in one of their teams. 

Gordon and Janine on Food Stars
Gordon Ramsay and Janine Allis on Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars. Nine.

“These two teams of driven, ambitious, competitive and creative contestants will then have to fight to survive and compete in various high-pressure challenges. The losing team faces an intense grilling from Gordon and Janine where one team member will be eliminated. 

“Battling it out for their place to the top, they’ll need to prove they have what it takes across all the essential elements of running a successful business including customer service, marketing, sales, branding and event management.”

When and where can we watch it?

Food Stars premieres on Tuesday, March 26, at 7:39 on Channel 9 and 9Now.

Is there a trailer?

There is! You can watch it below.

Where is Gordon Ramsay’s food stars filmed?

Gordon Ramsay’s was filmed in Melbourne, which means that the famed chef spent a chunk of time in Australia.

“I’ve been a secret admirer of Australia for decades,” Gordon told 9Now. “At the age of 25 I had the chance of working here, the big worry was not coming home.”

“There’s no bulls–t,” he added. “Everyone’s at the top of their game and that’s the perfect playground for me.”

“It’s boisterous, it’s exciting, I think the restaurant scene is second to none,” he added.

Watch Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars at 7.30 pm on Tuesdays and Wednesdays on 9 and 9Now.

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