Nat Barr on Sunrise

“Oh my god”: Sunrise host Nat Barr reveals shocking cancer diagnosis

Nat shared her story to raise awareness

Sunrise host Nat Barr has shocked viewers by sharing her recent skin cancer diagnosis.

Fortunately, it was caught earlier and the TV presenter caught the condition “really early”, and is able to treat it.

“I had a pimple on my nose that wouldn’t go away, plus I reckon it had been a couple of years since I had a skin check, so I went the dermatologist,” Nat said on Sunrise.

“He said it was skin cancer — this tiny little dot on my nose. The good thing is I got it really early, and there’s not much treatment,” she added.

“After a biopsy was taken, it did confirm that I had a small skin cancer. The good news, it could be treated non-surgically.”

Nat at the doctor. Seven.

Nat shared her story in the hope it would encourage viewers to get their skin checked regularly

Nat told her co-host Matt Shirvington that she hoped her story would work as a reminder for viewers to be diligent with their skin checks.

“You sort of go ‘Oh my god’. So many Aussies, millions, and millions of us have skin cancer, but it does make you think,” she said.

How Nat was diagnosed

Nat explained to Matt that she was diagnosed with skin cancer through AI technology. She said that the machine was able to pick up the small cancerous cells.

“That was so tiny, it was just a tiny little red thing. He also takes photos of your whole body and puts it in the AI machine,” Barr said.

“So, when you go back a year later, the AI machine can detect whether there has been a change quicker and better than the human eye can.”

After the AI machine identified the cancer, Nat underwent a diagnosis She was later diagnosed with skin cancer following a biopsy.

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