MasterChef judges in Hong Kong

“Hit the ground running”: The MasterChef judges list their favourite Hong Kong restaurants

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Poh Ling Yeow, Andy AllenJean-Christophe Novelli and Sofia Levin might have been in Hong Kong to judge the MasterChef Australia contestants, but they, unsurprisingly, managed to find some spare time to check out the city’s best restaurants.

From street fare to Michelin restaurants, the food connoisseurs practically conducted a food tour of Hong Kong’s most delicious eateries, which double as a where-to-eat guide for anyone heading to that side of the world.

Find out where each of the MasterChef judges counting among their favourites in the bustling Asian city.

Sofia Levin

“We had limited time between filming to eat, but man, did we make a go of it! We hit the ground running, ditching our bags at our hotel as soon as we landed and made a beeline for Kam’s Roast Goose,” Sofia told Broadsheet.

Poh Ling Yeow

“I’m a huge fan of discovering places rather than following recommendations when I travel, and Hong Kong is incredibly accessible in this regard. There seem to be very few bad choices to be had. Moreover, when food is cheap, your palate is willing to be more adventurous and forgiving,” the MasterChef contestant turned judge told the publication.

Jean-Christophe Novelli

“The food scene in Hong Kong is explosive, super interesting, and fascinating. The first place I visited in the middle of nowhere (just by luck) was the spacious Lei Garden Restaurant where I sat beside a massive seafood freshwater tank with live seafood,” the French chef told the publication.

Andy Allen

“Wing Fat – The moment we got there we saw a huge line and loads of people sitting on plastic chairs out the front – it was absolute mayhem. We waited in the line for about 15 minutes before we got a table and ordered three Tsingtao longnecks stat,” he told Broadsheet.

“We ate steamed pippies in black pepper sauce, claypot-braised eggplant, and a chilli crab. It was full local style, hustle bustle, and our waiter was pumped with energy. They were turning over tables a million miles an hour. Good vibes, epic food, a must-do when you go.”

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