Wait a minute?! Does Tommy Little REALLY have a biological son?!

"Nice to finally meet my biological son last night"

Tommy Little has confused his followers after sharing a photo on Instagram of his “biological son”.

The radio host took to social media and shared a photo of himself holding a toddler’s hands, with a mystery brunette woman holding the kid’s other hand.

“Nice to finally meet my biological son last night,” he captioned the post. 

Fans were left perplexed about the casual announcement of Tommy’s apparent “son”.

“Why had you not met him earlier? Did she not tell you,” a follower asked. Another wrote: “How special for both of you ❤️ Children are a blessing ❤️.”

Sooo… Does Tommy Little have a son?

It turns out that Tommy’s post was actually a tongue-in-cheek reference to a show during his 2021 stand-up tour when a pregnant woman stood up and pulled a prank on him.

“Why didn’t you call me back?” the woman shouted from the audience.

“‘I was like, “I’m sorry?” Tommy recalled in an interview with Adelaide Now, ‘We went on a date and you never called me back. Oh, and I’m pregnant.'”

However, the woman then revealed that the child she was carrying wasn’t actually Tommy’s.

“Then she starts laughing and says, ‘Don’t worry. It’s not yours. We went on a date five years ago,'” the comedian added.

“Even though I knew it wasn’t [mine], you do start to doubt everything you’ve done.”

Tommy Little
Tommy Little. Instagram.

Why people were offended by Tommy’s joke

After some of Tommy’s followers debunked his joke, others were left reeling over his choice to make light of such a serious topic.

“It’s a very poor joke. I don’t think you should ever joke about children,” one follower commented, adding: “What part of this joke is funny? People struggle with fertility so this is not funny at all.”

“I feel like this a supposed [to be] ‘funny’ although if it is, not so funny,” a second wrote.

A third follower called Tommy out for joking about the serious subject of adoptive children reconnecting with their biological parents.

“If this is a joke it’s very off. Children connecting to biological parents / donors is a significant thing and not something to make flippant clickbait over. If it’s genuine, also feels really off to splash it on social media 👎.”

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