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Jack and Jonathan in the firing line and all the other bombshells from the MAFS Commitment Ceremony

Mel didn't hold back!

There was a LOT to unpack in the third MAFS commitment ceremony, after all the ~*drama*~ that went down at the Dinner Party.

In short, Jack apparently told Jono that if anyone got his wife (Tori) in the couple swap then they could sleep with her because he wasn’t attracted to her. Jono told Lauren, who bought it up at the Dinner Party.

After Lauren confronted Jack at the table, Jono withered into his seat and didn’t support his wife. Meanwhile, Tori sided with Jack and believed that the comment was just a “joke”.

That situation set the experts John Aiken, Mel Shilling and Alessandra Rampolla up for a field day on the Commitment Ceremony, so let’s dive straight into what happened, shall we?

Ben and Ellie

Ellie and Ben got absolutely zero screen time at the last Dinner Party, but fortunately, we got a session with them on the couch to find out what was going down.

Ellie was totally off Ben, and said he was acting up for the cameras and said their relationship was a “facade”. Unsurprisingly, Ben opted to write Stay, and they’ll be around for another week.

MAFS. Nine.

Ellie wrote: Leave

Ben wrote: Stay.

Verdict: They’re staying.

Tori and Jack

Tori and Jack was the main course that practically every MAFS fan was waiting for. Unfortunately for us, Jack kept a blank look on his face and apologised for his actions at the dinner party – in a manner that didn’t even sound 1% believable.

Mel did what she does best, and eventually got Tori to see how offensive Jack’s Couple Swap comment about her was. However, the jury’s still out about whether Tori really blamed Jack for saying the things he did

At the end of the episode, what appears to be a hidden camera zooms in on Jack and Tori on the couch where they’re discussing the night’s events. Jack called the experiment a “crock of s**t” and had a very smug look on his face.

MAFS. Nine.

Tori wrote: Stay.

Jack wrote: Stay.

Verdict: They’re staying.

Lucinda and Timothy

Timothy dropped an absolute bombshell at the Commitment Ceremony after Lucinda said that she “wasn’t convinced” that he was making an effort with her romantically.

“Why are you throwing me under the bus, and you kind of did it before we started,” he asked a guilty-looking Lucinda with a knowing look.

Wow wow wow, could he be implying that the two have a pact to stay on the show for fame?!

MAFS. Nine.

Lucinda wrote: Stay.

Timothy wrote: Stay.

Verdict: They’re staying.

Cassandra and Tristan

Cassandra and Tristan’s time on the couch was an absolute shocker! Tristan wrote leave! We couldn’t believe it!

The sad turn of events sent Cassandra into tears, which was honestly more heartbreaking than the decision itself.

Fortunately, Tristan revealed that he only wrote leave because he didn’t feel good enough for Cassandra (which is, again, SO SAD), and the couple vowed to work on their relationship.

MAFS. Nine.

Cassandra wrote: Stay.

Tristan wrote: Leave.

Verdict: They’re staying.

Eden and Jayden

Eden and Jayden’s time on the couch was short and sweet. He said he was “mad” about his wife, and said he’d never felt that way before. Aww! Eden also confirmed that they have slept together.

MAFS. Nine.

Eden wrote: Stay.

Jayden wrote: Stay.

Verdict: They’re staying.

Andrea and Richard

Andrea wasn’t impressed with Richard’s open comment about their sex life in the last Commitment Ceremony, and said that it made her take a step back in their relationship.

The experts blamed her reaction on her past, and encouraged them to get their relationship back on track, which they’re going to give a crack!

MAFS. Nine.

Andrea wrote: Stay.

Richard wrote: Stay.

Verdict: They’re staying.

Lauren and Jonathan

Lauren and Jonathan’s time on the couch was a ride. The experts rightfully hung Jonathan out to dry for not standing up for Lauren at the Dinner Party.

At one point, he apologised to Tori and Jack (?) and later on in the session Jonathan asked him whether Lauren or Jack was more important to him. Fortunately, he said Lauren and admitted that everything she’d said at the Dinner Party about Jack was true.

MAFS. Nine.

Lauren wrote: Stay.

Jonathan wrote: Stay.

Verdict: They’re staying.

Sara and Tim

Sara and Tim made a suspiciously quick turnaround, and all appeared to be going swimmingly in their usually tumultuous relationship.

MAFS. Nine.

Sara wrote: Stay.

Tim wrote: Stay.

Verdict: They’re staying.

Jade and Ridge

It was Jade and Ridge’s first time on the couch, and it was pretty uneventful TBH. They’re both really into each other and they actually look like they may last as a couple!

Ridge at the third commitment ceremony
MAFS. Nine.

Jade wrote: Stay.

Ridge wrote: Stay.

Verdict: They’re staying.

Stephen and Michael

It was also Stephen and Michael’s first time on the couch, and Stephen aired his worries about being Stephen’s back-up match.

However, John reassured him that he was a “better” match for Michael, sorry Simon!

Michael  at the third commitment ceremony
MAFS. Nine.

Michael wrote: Stay.

Stephen wrote: Stay.

Verdict: They’re staying.

Madeleine and Ash

The last of the three couples, Madeliene and Ash took to the couch and Ash expressed his confusion about Madeleine crying over cows on their honeymoon.

But, the biggest bombshell came with Madeleine decided to write ‘Leave’.

Her reasoning? “Life is weird, and I think the universe pulls us to do things.” O…kay.

Madeliene at the third commitment ceremony
MAFS. Nine.

Maddy wrote: Leave.

Tim wrote: Stay.

Verdict: They’re staying.

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