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In wholesome MAFS news, Jules Robinson and Cam Merchant are expecting their second child

Ollie is set to be a big brother!

Married at First Sight golden couple Jules Robinson and Cam Merchant are expecting their second child.

Announcing the news in an interview with Stellar magazine and its podcast Something To Talk About, Jules revealed she was pregnant after three years of “trying”.

“We’ve been trying since [son] Ollie was one, and he is now three-and-a-half,” Robinson said.

“We were realistically going into 2024 thinking, ‘If it doesn’t happen, we will look at the IVF route’, but I never lost faith that my body could do this again.”

Jules, Cam and son Ollie. Instagram

Jules reflects on her first pregnancy

Now 41, the former reality star reflected on her first pregnancy, saying she didn’t have the “force” a.k.a support network around her that she does now.

“I found it really hard,” she said. “I didn’t like all of the attention and negativity from horrible people about my body when I was pregnant, and the terrible messages. They’d say, ‘I hope you have a painful miscarriage’ and horrible things like that. Some people can just be terrible.”

Cam and Jules before Ollie’s birth. Instagram

Thankfully, this time around has been completely different, “really lovely”, she said.

“I can’t really hide it anymore. I am popped. It has been nice keeping it between family and friends and a bit more private this time.”

And the pair don’t plan on stopping after their second child.

“We want little babies running around. We’ll maybe go again if we’re lucky,” she said, before admitting while she would love a little girl, she’ll probably end up with a “little cricket team for Cam”.

Congratulations to Cam, Jules and Ollie!

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