Sav on MasterChef

Why isn’t Sav in Hong Kong with the rest of the MasterChef Australia 2024 contestants?

Is she still part of the show?

The remaining MasterChef Australia 2024 contestants touched down in Hong Kong for a week of cooking challenges during Sunday night’s episode, however, Sav was noticeably missing.

The top seven contestants are Harry, Nat, Josh Pezza, Darrsh, Mimi, Lachlan and, of course, Sav.

After boarding a business-class flight to the bustling Chinese city, the other six contestants excitedly met up with judges Andy AllenJean-Christophe Novelli, Sofia Levin and Poh Ling Yeow, who informed them that Sav wouldn’t be a part of the week.

The MasterChef judges. Ten.

Why isn’t Sav in Hong Kong?

After welcoming the other six contestants to Hong Kong, Andy vaguely addressed Sav’s absence.

“Look guys, unfortunately for some personal reasons, Sav won’t be able to join us this week. But, we’ll be seeing her when we get back to the MasterChef kitchen,” he said.

The remaining MasterChef contestants sans Sav. Ten.

Twitter users speculate about Sav’s absence

Sav has stayed quiet on social media about why she wasn’t in Hong Kong, however, Twitter users have thrown around some possible scenarios about why she didn’t make the trip.

“It’s possible that Sav is an Australian permanent resident who still holds a Sri Lankan passport, in which case her “personal reasons” could be a lack of passport privilege. The visa process for Sri Lankan citizens to visit Hong Kong is complicated and expensive,” one person wrote.

Another Tweeted: “I hope all is ok with Sav. I assume she’ll be in the first elimination back in Australia.”

Over on Instagram, fans were also sharing their sadness that Sav won’t be part of this week.

“I’m so panicked rn I can’t see saw in any of the Hongkong Trailers,” one person wrote.

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