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Could Prince Harry be a “shoo-in” for… *checks notes*… a Grammy?

Meghan Markle believes he's got it in the bag!

In the most random of news, Prince Harry could be “a shoo-in” for a Grammy.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, the 38-year-old released a bombshell tell-all memoir, which he released as a hard copy and an audiobook.

According to the Daily Mail, an “entertainment insider” has revealed the father-of-two could win a gold statue for Best Spoken Word (Best Audiobook, Narration & Storytelling Recording) at the 2024 awards.

Firstly, as people who have *actually* listened to the audio version of Spare — hearing Harry tell his story in his own voice does enhance the experience… so, in all honesty, this is not that far-fetched.

prince harry spare
In the most random news, Prince Harry could be “a shoo-in” for a Grammy for Spare. Source: Alamy.

The outlet also reported that his wife, Meghan Markle, believed he could take home the gong.

“He’s a natural storyteller, has a soothing voice and even sings on the audio version,” the source told the publication. 

Prince Harry sings in his audiobook, Spare

At one point during the narration, Harry tells an anecdote about Elton John, who played Your Song for the 10th anniversary of Princess Diana’s death in 2007 — even singing a line from the tune — a decision he made.

“Who knew he could sing?” the insider said. “Meghan thinks he’s up there with President Obama, who won the same award a few years back.”

Honestly? This definitely sounds like something she would say!

They continued: “Hollywood loves him. He’s got the gift of the gab and a fun sense of humour. He’s the one with the star power.

“There’s even been talk about Harry appearing on the upcoming Academy Awards as a possible presenter.”

The Grammy Awards will be held on February 5, and Viola Davis, Questlove, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Jamie Foxx and Mel Brooks have all been nominated for Best Spoken Word.

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