FWAW intruders

Meet the 10 new intruder Ladies entering Farmer Wants a Wife tonight

Who will they choose?

It’s that time of year again. The birds are chirping, the cows are mooing and 10 new ladies are intruding on the blissful love blossoming on Farmer Wants a Wife.

While there are some clear front-runners forming for our five Farmers Farmer Brad, Farmer Brenton, Farmer David, Farmer Andrew and Farmer Matt — things are about to get a MAJOR shakeup.

With intruder Ladies, there’s an intruder of another kind. Natalie Gruzlewski. While she’s been the host of Farmer since it’s inception, she has not taken on the role of Cupid-in-Arms.

Not one to miss out on all the action, she will join the gents on a weekend getaway, introducing them to some potential wives.

So, who are the ten new ladies joining Farmer Wants a Wife?

Scroll through to find out.

Farmer Brad

Hannah and Shelby

Shelby and Hannah. Seven.

Farmer David

Jessica and Alyssa

Jessica and Alyssa. Seven.

Farmer Matt

Demi and Madelon

Demi and Madelon. Seven.

Farmer Andrew

Sarah and Casey

Casey and Sarah. Seven.

Farmer Brenton

Bec and Jemma

Bec and Jemma. Seven.

Who will the Farmers choose to bring home to the farms?

Find out when Farmer Wants a Wife continues on Sunday, April 23 at 7.00 pm.

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