Feras on Survivor

Survivor Australia 2024: Meet Feras Basal, the castaway who’s giving King George 2.0

"I'm here to finish what he couldn't do"

Survivor Australia 2024 contestant Feras Basal draws strong similarities to former castaway George Mladenov in the sense of strong strategic and social play.

And, in Feras’s Survivor promo videos, he pointed exactly that out.

“George was the closest thing we had to an Arab being on TV, and we loved it. I’m here to finish what he couldn’t do,” he said.

Feras considers himself a likeable and loud person, and said that he’s not afraid to “step on people’s toes”.

“I’m definitely a physical threat, but people should be more worried about my social game than my physical game, 100%

“I know how to articulate what I’m feeling, I know how to communicate, I know how to read people. I’ve a very big strategist.”

Feras has a big social media following

Like a few of the castaways on Survivor Australia 2024, Feras is very active on social media. He has a TikTok account with over 70,000 followers called @laughwithferas, where he regularly posts parody videos.

@laughwithferas We need to stop this atrocity once and for all #fyp #redflags #westernsydney #funny ♬ original sound – Laughwithferas

Is Feras single?

No, Feras is happily married.

“My wife is the one person who I crumble around. If you bring her to this island, I’ll shatter into a million pieces,” he said in his Surviovr bio.

“She’s a tough woman and a quarter of my size so people think I’m wearing the pants but definitely not. She’s my absolute everything.”

Feras. Instagram.

Is Feras a Titan or a Rebel?

This year’s theme is Titans v Rebels, and Feras is on team Rebel.

“I want to be the Sole Survivor because I feel like I can prove that a little old Arab man from Western Sydney can win this thing. I want to prove people wrong and show little seven-year-old Feras that he can do something like this. I want to be the minority who takes over the majority. I’m a Rebel through and through,” he said.

Stream Survivor Australia 2024 from January 29, 2024, at 7:30pm on Channel 10 and 10Play.

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