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MAFS 2024: Meet Married at First Sight’s oldest-ever groom Richard Sauerman

It just means he's had more years of fun!

They say with age, comes wisdom, and let’s hope the old adage is true for Richard Sauerman’s MAFS bride.

At 62, Richard is the oldest groom to ever saunter down the aisle on Married at First Sight Australia.

Richard from MAFS
Richard. Instagram.

What does Richard do for work?

Over the years, Richard has kicked some serious goals when it comes to his career.

He’s a motivational speaker who’s known as ‘the Brand Guy’ and has ranked in the Global Top 30 Brand Gurus since 2014. 

He’s worked with some massive brands, including Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Levis, Nescafe, Arnott’s, Vodafone, CSIRO and QBE.

Richard from MAFS
Richard. Instagram.

Has Richard been married before?

Yup, according to his Channel Nine bio, Richard was married for 27 years, but left her “because the relationship had run its course and the spark was no longer there”.

More recently, he dated a woman 27 years younger than him, but they broke up because she wanted children and he didn’t.

Does Richard have kids?

He does. Richard has three children.

Richard from MAFS
Richard and his daughter Roxy. Instagram.

Where is Richard from?

Richard grew up in Cape Town, South Africa. He’s lived in London and Bangkok, and Sydney has been his home for thirty-five years. 

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