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Aussie bomb alert! Jessie Wynter and Aaron Waters stir s**t up on Love Island UK

They come from the land down under...

Love Island Australia’s Jessie Wynter and Aaron Waters have entered the UK villa with a splash!

Over the weekend, the Aussie alum were announced as the latest bombs headed into the South African house of love and while their arrival has already aired in the UK, we have to wait a day to see it here.

“G’day mate,” the pair yell, revealing their entrance, as the islanders squealed with excitement.

“I thought we should really get the party started, what do you reckon?” Aaron added.

Love Island Australia’s Jessie Wynter and Aaron Waters are entering the UK villa with a splash! Source: Nine/ITV.

In footage obtained by the Daily Mail, 25-year-old Aaron revealed he isn’t afraid to “step on toes”.

“I definitely don’t care about stepping on toes. I’m here to find love,” he says. “Look out lads, because the Aussie stallion is coming through those doors.” Lol!

Jessie,26, who was on Season Two of Love Island Australia, says she’s “travelled to the other side of the world to find love.”

“No one is going to get in my way,” she said.

What will happen when Jessie Wynter and Aaron Waters enter the Love Island UK villa?

In an Instagram shared by the official Love Island handle, the other islanders were in the midst of a pool party when the Aussie alum enter the villa.

According to the Daily Mail, Jessie wastes no time in getting to know the fellas.

“I was wondering if you guys wanted to come and have a chat in the pool with me for a bit, sorry girls,” she said, before adding: “Are you all happy in your couples?”

“You came in at the right time, no-one’s really settled 100%,” Harris Namani told her.

Later, Jessie has a one-on-one with farmer Will Young and it looks like things may heat up between the pair.

“You’re honestly a 10/10, you’re unreal,” he said, gushing over her.

Jessie wastes no time in getting to know the fellas. Source: ITV.

Meanwhile, Aaron had a chat with Olivia Hawkins, who asked him if he has a “personality type”.

“Yeah, I could write a list to be honest,” he admitted.

During her season, Jessie coupled up with Maurice Salib, Eoghan Murphy and Gerard Majda, before ending the season with Todd Elton.

The pair remained together after the show, however, broke up in February 2020.

As for Aaron, he left the villa with Jess Velkovski, however, after going through a rough patch in their final weeks at the villa, they split shortly after.

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