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Leah and Ash make a heartbreaking decision about their The Block house


After being passed up at The Block 2023 auction, the house that Leah and Ash renovated is still on the market.

With little interest from prospective buyers, the reality TV couple decided to lower their asking price by $75,000.

Yahoo Lifestyle Australia reported that an updated Statement of Information showed that the indicative asking price is now $3,125,000, which is down from the initial $3,200,000.

Leah and Ash’s house was the only one that didn’t sell at The Block auction. The couple allowed it to be passed over in the hope that it would sell for a higher price off market.

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Leah and Ash have had a lack of interest since listing their house

As days and weeks pass since their house went on the market, the chances of a high sale are getting slimmer and slimmer. On top of that, a potential buyer recently fell through.

Previously, it was reported that Leah and Ash’s house was set to sell for $3.1 million, which would tie them in third place with Lesley and Kyle.

However, Yahoo Lifestyle Australia has reported that that buyer has since fallen through. The publication said that the house “has since lost all of their offers and is now sitting on the market with zero interest”.

A The Block builder weighs in on when Leah and Ash’s house will sell

While Leah and Ash haven’t publicly commented on the sale of their house since the auction, a builder from the show has shared his two cents.

The Block. Nine.

“It is a really sad outcome for the two who poured a lot into this series,” he said about Leah and Ash’s house still being on the market.

“They really thought they had found their happy ending but this has opened a lot of wounds for them both.”

The unnamed tradie said he believes that Leah and Ash’s house will eventually sell, but doesn’t necessarily think it will happen soon.

“2022 contestants Dylan and Jenny didn’t sell their house until February 2023 and it would seem Leah and Ash may also be looking at a similar wait,” he added.

“The property will sell but for House 2 their Block journey is still far from over.”

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