Dr Death season two

Are Paolo Macchiarini’s dodgy practices in Dr Death season two based on a true story?

Plus, is Mandy Moore's character real?

Dr Death season two is centred around the wrongdoings of a dodgy Swiss-Italian surgeon and medical researcher named Paolo Macchiarini.

The TV series follows the real-life story of Paolo who is portrayed as a heroic doctor who discovered how to replace synthetic windpipe implants in patients. However, things take a drastic turn when all of Paolo’s research appears to be fraudulent and many of his patients die as a result of his surgery.

Dr Death
Dr Death. Stan.

He’s eventually outed at the hands of his journalist fiance Benita Alexander. When she discovered that he had a secret wife and family she conducted an expose about his professional wrongdoings with Vanity Fair.

Meanwhile, Dr. Anders Svensson (Gustaf Hammarstan) and Dr. Nathan Gamelli (Luke Kirby) also work to bring down Paolo by showing his lack of testing prior to conducting the surgeries.

So, is Stan’s Dr Death real?

Stan’s Dr Death isn’t a documentary or biopic – it’s a dramatized version of events that went down regarding Paolo and his surgeries. However, many of the events did actually happen.

Is Dr Death a true story?
Dr Death. Stan.

Mandy Moore plays Benita and Paolo is portrayed by Édgar Ramírez. The series closely follows their love story – and its downfall.

While the show does cover Paolo’s story, it also has some creative liberties.

Is there a trailer?

There sure is, you can check it out below.

Where can I watch it?

All eight episodes of season two of Dr Death are available to stream on Stan.

You can also stream season one on the same platform, but it’s not related to Paolo. The first season dramatizes the story of Christopher Duntsch, an American neurosurgeon who was convicted after permanently mutilating his patients, and killing two of them.

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Stream Dr Death season two on Stan.

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