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Interview: Oop, there it is! Love Island’s Kale reveals he absolutely did not want to talk to Nakia

Their final farewell went a little differently...

Kale Roberts was dumped from the Love Island Australia 2023 villa on Monday, November 21 in a brutal Recoupling and now he’s revealed that there was a little bit more to his exit than what we saw. Que horror!

Speaking to Chattr post-elimination, Kale admitted there was more to *that* awkies bedroom chat with former bae, Nakia.

“Nakia definitely did me dirty. I don’t think there are any two ways around that,” he said. “So when she first came to see me in the room, and I was with the boys and I said, ‘I don’t want to talk to you right now’. And I did not want to talk to her. I was planning on walking out of there and never saying a word to her.”

He continued: “You didn’t quite see it in the show, but the housemates and all the girls sort of came into the room and were pestering me to hear her out, or at least give her the benefit of the doubt. And 2% of me was like, ‘Oh, maybe there’s more to this than I think or maybe she didn’t actually say something too bad to this guy. But then as soon as she sat down in front of me, she was just cold.”

Kale and Nakia. Nine

Given that they have no idea what will be aired, Kale said that he was watching the show back but that it was a “tough watch” considering he saw “the conversation with [Bomb] Andy on the boat”.

“And then her coming into the bedroom and saying what she said and then seeing her reaction after, it was tough.”

Love Island’s Kale on Nakia’s brutal response to his exit

In addition to this, Kale revealed that he was perplexed by the fact that she didn’t acknowledge their time together.

“It was just baffling to me to not even be like ‘Oh, it was so nice meeting you’ or ‘Spending the last week or two with you’ or ‘I wish you the best on the outside’. There was just absolutely none of that.”

Now looking at the situation with hindsight, the 25-year-old admitted that there were moments he didn’t initially see that made him realise that maybe she wasn’t the right gal for him.

“Looking back at moments with her, whenever she’d sort of speak about how she felt, she’d never really look me in the eye, so the more I look back, the more I start connecting the dots.”

Nakia. Nine

Kale on his Tyra admission and whether Nakia kept him around to stay in the villa

After he was dumped from the show, Kale told the cameras that he’d wished he hadn’t “put all his eggs in one basket” and had pursued things with Tyra.

“In my exit interview, they asked me what my biggest regret was and I said “not pursuing things with Tyra from the beginning”.

When asked if he thought maybe Nakia had kept him around for purposes other than to form a love connection, he admitted that her being in the “Waiting Room” (God, that feels like a lifetime ago!) may have had something to do with it.

“When she got out of there, a new Bomb came in, which was me. And her being a single girl at the time, I think no matter who walked through, she was gonna go guns blazing forward. I think I was a bit of a sucker for that but it was very hard to see at the time.

“Looking back I feel like that’s definitely how it went.”

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