Leah on The Block

Leah calls out Kristy over her poor treatment of Steph on The Block

"I did not know Kristy actively had a plan to mess with Steph"

It’s no secret that Leah and Kristy haven’t exactly bonded with Steph on The Block 2023.

The two women have consistently criticised Steph and talked about her behind her back. However, things came to a head recently when Kristy admitted to purposely messing with Steph in an effort to waste Steph’s time and resources.

Although Leah and Kristy have banded together on this season, and even been dubbed the “mean girls” on social media, Leah has spoken out against Kristy’s actions towards Steph.

“I did not know Kristy actively had a plan to mess with Steph,” Leah told Woman’s Day.

“I don’t know if this was a discussed joke or a serious gameplay for Kristy. If it was serious, then I do hope Kristy took some time to admit and discuss this with Steph.”

Leah on The Block
The Block. Nine.

How did Kristy mess with Steph?

Kristy suggested that Steph add beams to her master bedroom ceiling, even though she knew they’d clash with the downstairs beams.

“Steph is very easy to get into her head. I can easily suggest something as a throwaway comment and it will eat her away and I did that,” she said, before encouraging Steph to raise her ceiling and install the beams.

“Let’s not forget that this is a game and if anyone doesn’t think it wasn’t a game plan to be friendly at the beginning, they’re underestimating us.”

“If she thinks you have a genuine relationship with her, she’d be stupid,” Brett laughed to his wife. “Like, if she believes it. Because you’re clearly messing with her.”

Kristy then admitted to the producers that she was purposely trying to waste Steph’s time and resources.

The Block. Nine.

Leah and Kristy disliked Steph since the start

Leah told TV Week that she instantly felt unsure about Steph.

“From the start, I couldn’t trust Steph,” Leah said. “My first impression of her was really iffy.”

“I couldn’t shake the feeling, so I questioned everything she did,” she continued.

Kristy backed up her friend and co star and said she felt the same way.

“Steph wanted to portray herself a certain way for the cameras,” Kristy, 34, says.

“I was very big on Brett and me being the same on and off camera – it was important for us to be true to ourselves. I do believe House Two (Leah and Ash) were also real.”

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