waleed aly and miriam margolyes

She said what?! Harry Potter’s Miriam Margolyes renders The Project’s Waleed Aly speechless

"Who the hell cares. It's important!"

Former Harry Potter star Miriam Margolyes is known for her outlandish remarks; however, during an appearance on The Project, she left host Waleed Aly speechless.

The 82-year-old was serving as a guest panellist during the March 21 broadcast when she shared her views on the current situation in Gaza.

Calling for an immediate ceasefire, Miriam, who is of Jewish faith, had the support of the audience when she said: “Ceasefire now”.

“Whether you’re black or white, it doesn’t matter,” she continued, before turning to Waleed and asking: “What are you by the way? You’re sort of brown?”.

Waleed was visibly shocked and put his head in his hands while laughing.

“This is a really interesting question actually,” he told her. “I’ve thought about this a lot. I’m not joking about that… I’m Egyptian.”

Miriam, undeterred by the shock waves she had sent through the studio, then said: “Well, lucky I think, because I like the Egyptian people.”

She then admitted she was “on the side of the Palestinians”.

“I have to tell you that now, being Jewish, we always have to say what we are. Are we for Israel or are we against Israel? I’m only for humanity. Ceasefire,” she said.

Waleed, acknowledging the change of conversation, then added: “Well I think it’s safe to say that conversation did not go as predicted!” 

“Who the hell cares. It’s important!” Miriam said, concluding the conversation.

Recently, the actor who played Professor Pomona Sprout in the Harry Potter series also shocked journalists — and fans around the world — when admitting she was concerned about adult fans of the film franchise because “they should be over that by now”.

She certainly doesn’t mince her words!

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