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Gogglebox Australia queen Izzy shared when Ruby was conceived and it has a hilarious MAFS link

"It's only natural she'll like this show"

Gogglebox Australia star Izzy Silbery has shared a hilarious story about when Ruby was conceived, and we can thank MAFS for that beautiful baby girl.

Yep, in a clip for Gogglebox Australia 2024, Izzy told her mum that Ruby was conceived while she was watching MAFS with her husband Alex Richards.

“You know she was conceived watching MAFS,” Izzy told her mum Kerry Silbery. “We couldn’t pause it because it was live and I was ovulating so we just had to push through.”

“It’s only natural she’ll like this show,” she added.

Kerry shared details about Ruby’s birth

In another clip, Kerry revealed that she was there when Ruby was born.

“She looked like a perfect little cherub when she was born,” Kerry told Izzy, he said she “couldn’t believe” her mum witnessed the birth.

“Yeah on the business end,” Kerry responded. “It’s quite powerful to witness, a woman having a baby.”

“I gave

“I birth to you, but I was up here,” she said, pointing to her face, before adding: “Not down there.”

Who’s on Gogglebox 2024?

Gogglebox Australia 2024 returned to Australian screens on Wednesday, February 21 on FOXTEL and at 8.30pm on Thursday, February 22 On 10 And 10 Play. 

The new instalment welcomed back some familiar faces, but also introduced a new household; MiaBree and Lainey.

Gogglebox. Foxtel.

The trio hail from the Shire in Sydney and all share a love of Reality TV and true crime docos,

Mia (26) is a teacher’s aide studying to be a Special Education Teacher while her sister Bree (23) is a dance teacher who teaches contemporary and lyrical dance. Their best friend Lainey (20) is also a dance teacher specialising in all different styles.

Along with the girls, The Daltons, The Delpechitra Family, Lee and Keith, and Anastasia and Faye are all coming back.

Also returning are Adam & Symon, Milo and Nic, Tim and Leanne, Matty and his sons Malik and Lyon, Kevin, Bob, Jared, and Mia and, of course, Kerry and Izzy.

Gogglebox Australia 2024 Premieres 7:30pm Wednesday, February 21 on FOXTEL and at 8.30pm Thursday, February 22 On 10 And 10 Play. 

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