MAFS bride Julia spoke about the application process

A bride who was almost cast for MAFS 2024 has dished on the application process and its brutal

"They were fully trying to get me to say that I was smarter than everyone else"

It’s generally assumed that the application process for a reality TV show is vigorous and time-consuming, however, thanks to a little thing called NDA’s there’s not *too* much info about what actually happens.

Fortunately, a TikToker named Julia has changed that, by lifting the lid on what happened during her application for MAFS Australia 2024.

Julia made it very far in the process and was almost cast as a bride. However, she’s since met the ‘love of her life’ so she said she didn’t mind dishing about what happened because she knows she’ll “never go on it” now.

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There was a huge amount of tests

Julia told her followers that she applied for the reality TV show after her friends suggested that she go on MAFS.

She filled out the application online and received a call from a producer the next morning who set up an interview for that week.

“There were a lot of interviews, all of them were with different producers, and all of them were recorded, except for one with a publicist,” she explained. “But that was not the only thing I had to do. I had to, of course, do a full police check, citizenship test, etc. But they also make you do an entire medical exam to make sure you are mentally and physically fit to participate on the show.

“One thing that shocked me, but probably shouldn’t have shocked me, was that I was required to do every single STI check, including blood,” she added.

She claimed producers tried to make her into a villain in the interview process

Julia said that even though she was only in the interview process, her meetings with the producers were filmed, and they could have been used on the show if she had been cast.

“I think the interviews were some of the most interesting part of the process, lots of different people for all of the interviews, and if you’re wondering if, on reality TV, where producers kind of try to put words in your mouth and try and make you say things on camera – that started in the interview process,” she said

Julia explained that producers zeroed in on her extensive education.

“I had producers say stuff like, ‘Now Julia, you have three university degrees, and you speak five languages. Are you sure you’re going to find your intellectual equal on this show?'”

She explained that producers told her that she would be the smartest person in the room, and asked if she’d make friends with some of the other girls who would “be hairdressers and makeup artists”.

“They were fully trying to get me to say that I was smarter than everyone else and that no man on the show would be good enough for me. And all of this was recorded and I did not want to give them any opportunity to make me the villain.”

Married at First Sight 2024 premieres at 7:30pm on January 29th on Channel Nine and 9Now.

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