Ellie and Luke on The Bahcelors 2023

The Bachelors 2023: Which couples are still together?

We already have a breakup announcement!

Another season of The Bachelors 2023 is finto for, and two of the men left with their chosen women, but are they still together?

The Bachelors 2023 finale, which was available to stream on 10Play a day before the episode played out on free-to-air TV on December 20th, saw Ben Wadell choose Mckenna and Luke Bateman choose Ellie.

Wes met Brea for the final speech, but he ended up leaving the show single.

Find out which couples are still together from The Bachelors 2023.

Are Brea and Wes still together?

The Bachelors. Ten.

Nope. Brea and Wes were exclusive up until the last episode. However, Brea told Wes that he hadn’t compromised and met her in the middle and ended the relationship.

Since the filming of The Bachelors wrapped, Brea is in a new relationship. The 28-year-old told Refinery29 that she and the mystery man are exclusive and “living under the same roof”.

I wanted to make sure that I continue down that path. I have been voicing my opinion and I have been setting my boundaries and telling people what I want. And now, there’s a guy who wants to meet me halfway,” she added.

Are Ben and McKenna still together?

Ben and Mckenna on The Bachelors 2023
The Bachelors. Ten.

The season may have just aired on TV, but Ben and McKenna are already donezo. Ben took to Instagram to confirm that they had broken up

“It is with sadness that I share things with myself and Mckenna didn’t work out the way we had hoped. In the end the distance was difficult; we both had extended commitments overseas in different time zones, which was challenging,” he wrote.

He added that he is still “great friends” with her and is excited to see what the future has in store for her.

Are Luke and Ellie still together?

Luke and Ellie on The Bachelors 2023
The Bachelors. Ten.

Luke and Ellie are the only surviving love story of The Bachelors 2023.

After the finale aired Ben took to Instagram to gush about the therapist.

“From the very first moment I met Ellie her presence shifted something within me and I knew instantly she was beyond special and my life would never be the same again,” he began.

“The love that grew between us on the show and continues to grow now, is nothing short of magical and once in a lifetime,” he added.

It was fairly obvious that Ben was besotted by Ellie ever since he laid eyes on her in the premiere episode. During the finale, Ben told Ellie he loved her and she said it back to him.

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