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The Bachelors 2023: There’s been a HUGE development with Wes and Brea’s relationship

It is very cute!

Wesley Senna Cortes was the first of The Bachelors 2023 to hand out his final rose, and it went to Brea well before the final episode.

The couple dated exclusively on the show, but decided to go their separate ways at the finale. Since then, Brea has revealed that she’s got a new boyfriend.

While Brea didn’t share the mystery man’s name, she did tell Refinery 29 that “things are going really good” and that they are “living under the same roof”.

Brea shared that she met the man at a cattle station in the middle of the Queensland outback.

“He’s a cowboy and he’s just my type,” she laughed.

The main cause for the breakdown of Wes and Brea’s relationship was the lack of compromise, something that she said her new partner is great at.

“The difference is, we do a lot of compromises, but it’s just something that kind of happened.”

At the finale, Brea said that the door wasn’t completely closed on her relationship with Wes. However, it sounds as though that door is locked and bolted now!

Wes and brea on The Bachelors
The Bachelors. Ten.

What happened with Wes and Brea?

In episode nine of The Bachelors 2023, Wes took Brea aside and told her that he wanted to explore things with her and her only. Brea was delighted by the decision and agreed to go exclusive with him.

After Wes had sent home the other remaining women, they headed off on a date with fellow Bachelors Luke Bateman and Ben Waddell, the men took Ellie and Amelia respectively.

The date was an overnight date, and Luke and Ben seemed to have a lot of fun in the shower. It wasn’t such smooth sailing for Ben and Amelia who struggled to communicate, however, it was totally awks for Brea and Wes.

As Wes has previously mentioned in The Bachelors, he is religious and doesn’t believe in sex before marriage. He’s also a virgin and has never been in love. Meanwhile, Brea has repeatedly stated that she’s a “very sexual person”.

When Brea and Wes headed to the overnight room, they awkwardly sat next to each other before Wes gingerly gave her a hug and sent her off to her own room.

Wes and brea on The Bachelors
The Bachelors. Ten.

“We sat down and things got a little bit awkward, it’s almost comical because there is a bit of a dampener on the mood,” Brea said. “Right now, this is not a good start,” she added.

And, their next encounter wasn’t any better. Brea, her mum and her sister met up with Wes and his step mum Baby to talk about the couple’s future. What ensued was an absolute hot mess and Brea was told by Baby (who basically spoke on Wes’s behalf) that there was practically no hope for their future together.

Brea told Wes that she was willing to give up sexual intimacy because of his religious beliefs but wanted to still share a bed with him. Wes continually skirted the question and bed-sharing seemed out of the question, which resulted in Brea dumping him at the finale.

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