Home and Away fans think a recent cast announcement marks the return of the River Boys

"I immediately thought RIVER BOYS."

Home and Away fans think the infamous River Boys storyline is making a comeback following a recent cast announcement.

ICYMI: Aussie actor Joshua Orpin, known for playing Superboy in the DC series Titans, was announced as Summer Bay’s newest “bad boy” back in March.

While Orpin is set to debut on the long-running soap in the final week of June, little is known about his character.

Joshua Oprin. Netflix.

However, fans seem to think Orpin is connected to the Bay’s notorious gang the River Boys.

According to the Back to the Bay blog, the incoming character’s promo pic is verrrrry similar to that of Patrick O’Connor‘s character Dean Thomas’, who was the gang’s former leader.

Not only is the photo seemingly taken in the same place, but the two men wear similar outfits of a black, sleeveless top while flexing their muscles.

More Home and Away fans chat River Boys resurgence on Facebook

According to Yahoo Lifestyle, a bunch of Home and Away die-hards took to a popular Facebook group to share their thoughts on Orpin’s connection to O’Connor’s character.

“I miss the River Boy action! I need my hotties backs,” one fan penned, while another added that the show “need[s] more River Boys”.

home and away river boys
Patrick O’Connor and Orpin. Seven.

“As soon as I saw the big scuffle and police at the end tonight, I immediately thought RIVER BOYS,” a third wrote in response to the June 20 episode.

“Maybe another Braxton Brother haha,” a fourth said.

“We shall see — funny though he could have passed for Mali’s brother.”

Joshua Orpin says Home and Away character has “depth”

After he was announced as a future cast member, Orpin told The Daily Telegraph that his lips were sealed on details about his role.

“I can say he is a bit of a bad boy who comes into the show and stirs up some trouble among the Summer Bay locals,” he admitted.

“He is seemingly one thing on the surface but he has a great depth to him that I’ve had a lot of fun exploring.”

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