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Interview: Why Tori stood by Jack after his brutal ‘couple swap’ comment at the MAFS Dinner Party

Cassandra has weighed in!

It’s safe to say that tonight’s MAFS Dinner Party was an absolute doozy and sweet baby angel Cassandra Allen has some thoughts about it.

ICYMI (in which case, drop everything and head to 9Now immediately), Jono McCullough told his wife Lauren Dunn a huge bombshell that Jack Dunkley had mentioned at the gym.

Jack at the MAFS Dinner Party
MAFS. Nine.

“He said if there is a couple swap situation in this experience, that the boys have permission to sleep with his wife because he doesn’t want to because he’s not attracted to her,” Lauren said in a producer interview. Ooooft.

Of course, Jack’s married to Tori Adams, who was informed about Jack’s dirty secret at the Dinner Party. Lauren then confronted Jack at the table, who claimed he was only “joking”. Ha….ha?

Anyways, all hell broke loose and Lauren and Jack ended up having a screaming match at the table, and at one point, Jack told Jono to “put a muzzle on his wife”.

Lauren  at the MAFS Dinner Party

Tori ultimately took Jack’s side and blamed Jack’s comment on his dark sense of humour.

During an exclusive interview with Chattr, Cassandra told us she was understandably shocked by Jack’s comments about Tori and Lauren.

“I was like, I don’t know what these people where they came from or what they’re doing, but it’s not right,” she said.

“We definitely weren’t raised the same, I can tell you that. My parents – if I was behaving like that – my goodness!” She added.

Cassandra said that Tori is blinded by Jack

Tori has stood by her husband’s side throughout the experiment, which has raised the eyebrows of many viewers who believe that Jack is disrespecting her.

Cassandra said that she can only put Tori’s actions down to her undying devotion to her TV husband.

Tori at the MAFS Dinner Party
MAFS. Nine.

“Tori is head over heels, just blinded by love. She thinks the world of Jack and when you’re in that intense honeymoon phase of your romance, you want to do right by the person,” she said.

The MAFS bride said that Tori was so invested in Jack that she was okay with brushing off his comment.

“You let a lot of things slide… slide really far away. Tori was just in that, and he’s the one for her in her eyes and heart, there’s no one else better, she’s done. So she definitely stands by her man, very firmly. “

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