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The Office: Is Every Workplace a Little Loopy?

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For as long as I can remember, every evening that I have sat down to dinner with my family, without the disruption of a blaring television, Mum and Dad have discussed their day at work. I’ve always been wildly amused by Dad’s tales of his job, and his ability to remain sane from working in a very insane place. I can’t help but feel a slight disappointment if he proclaims that nothing exciting happened during the day. Mum’s had a few different jobs over the years, but they all seem to produce a few odd-balls that add to the flavour of dinner conversation.

Over the years, whenever mum and dad spoke about their jobs, I always wondered what my first job would entail, and if I’m honest I was a little worried. Now that I have been living the dream for the past year with my own office job, I have come to the realisation that every office seems to resemble the hit television series The Office, if you look close enough. For those of you with an office job, you know. But also to those of you who haven’t had the opportunity of working in an office then well, you probably have a slight idea anyway. Everyone is crazy, and if you’re kept in close quarters five days a week, over eight hours a day, you’re going to learn a lot about your co-workers. Often, it’s that they’re very strange characters. But hopefully for you, it’s strange in the delightfully entertaining and good-humoured way.


At my work, my boss has the funniest laugh and when he laughs it roars through the whole office; in a way he’s Michael, with his loving attitude and crazy ideas he’s always dreaming up.

One wild idea included taking us out on a yacht for our Christmas party. During said party, the general manager got so rolling drunk that he passed out on the front of the boat an hour into the festivities, cue Dwight.

The accountant has a knack for incessant chatter. I swear some days I do more work than her and I’m the receptionist. When I do have to go into her office to hand over the mail, I literally have to walk away as she’s talking to me or else she just will not stop – did someone say Angela?

Thankfully, my office has its very own Jim as our manager and I can’t help but feel a twinge of sadness whenever he isn’t working. My office is sort of a high school setting with the Barbies, a jock, the nerds and the outcasts, but somehow we all seem to mesh well together. It’s definitely not like Mean Girls, even though our cliques are similar.


I guess every office seems to resemble The Office in one way or another because that’s the way life is. People who are the slightest bit different to you often appear a little loopy and a little crazy. Since spreading my wings and joining the workforce, I’ve realised that that’s what makes life interesting. I know I wouldn’t want to go to a place of business where everyone was boring, and nothing silly ever happened. I’d go crazy myself!