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My Mum Your Dad 2023: Janine told us exactly who stayed together after the finale

A definitive ruling!

The finale of My Mum Your Dad 2023 saw all four remaining couples receive blessings from the kids during the final Blessing Ceremony.

In case you missed it, Masi and NadiaDani and WesBec and Ben, and Simmo and Janine placed the final say into their children’s hands. Brandon, Jake, Harper, Mona, Gracie, Jasmine and Jaxon, “Chook” (Sarah) and Tiarn.

But once the cameras stopped rolling, who made it on the outside.

Here’s who is still together — and we’ve heard it straight from Janine’s mouth!

Janine and Simmo

Janine and Simmo took their time getting to know each other until Simmo took matters into his ahem, own mouth and smooched the hell out of Janine.

Well, we spoke to Janine about their relo and can officially say: they’re donezo! Sorry!

After knowing each other for a total of NINE DAYS (yup, nine whole days), the pair had a SIX-day whirlwind romance before calling time on their relo due to being long-distance.

“He came and stayed for six days. We spent a lot of time together. I showed him all around my local area. We went out to dinner, had coffee. We did a lot.

Janine and Simmo. Nine

“I probably knew on day five, that I wasn’t after a romantic connection with him as such,” Janine told Chattr during an interview before the finale aired.

As for where they stand now?

“We’re good friends. We still communicate regularly. We don’t obviously see each other we’re nine hours apart. So it’s not going to be a romantic connection post-show, but we’ll always remain friends, talking just via texting, basically.”

But that’s not all! Janine has since started dating someone new. Meeting her new beau in August, she’s very happy with where they’re at. The best bit? Tiarne has given a tick of approval!

Dani and Wes

Dani was one of the Mums this year we were crossing our fingers and toes that would find love.

Given that Dani’s husband Paul passed away suddenly, we were hoping that the lightning of love would strike twice — and we’re happy to report it has!

In fact, not to spoil the rest of the story, but they are the ONLY couple still together.

“Everyone else has gone on a different path,” Janine told us. YAY!

Dani and Wes. Nine

Masi and Nadia and Bec and Ben

As we mentioned previously, only Dani and Wes have stood the test of time. That’s nine months and counting!

This means that Masi and Nadia and Bec and Ben have all gone their separate ways. Sad face!

Ya know what?! One out of four ain’t bad!

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