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Bluey fans rank the top 10 episodes of all time and we can safely say, Rusty would be thrilled

Did your kids' fave episode make the cut?

Bluey fans have voted and have officially ranked the top 10 episodes of all time for The Biggest Little Bluey Countdown, to celebrate five years of the cultural phenomenon.

In a win for cricket — off the back of Australia’s win at the ICC World Cup of course — the aptly named Cricket was ranked numero uno on the list.

With only 5.8k votes separating the episode from number two, it’s fair to say that Bluey and Bandit’s neighbour Rusty and his impeccable batting average have captured hearts everywhere. Even more excited would be Anthony Field a.k.a the OG Blue Wiggle who voiced Rusty’s dad.

The episode featured the great Australian pastime of neighbourhood cricket, as the dads struggle to bowl Rusty out. So cute!

“Cricket worked its way into every corner of my life as a kid. It was just always there,” Joe Brumm, Creator/Showrunner of Bluey said in a statement.

“This episode uses cricket of course but it’s representative of whatever sport it is you had growing up that united your family and friends. Some of my favourites made it in there too…”

So, which other episodes made the top 10?

Top 10 Bluey Episodes of all-time

  1. Cricket
  2. Baby Race
  3. Granny Mobile
  4. Sleepytime
  5. Grannies
  6. Camping
  7. Dance Mode
  8. Rain
  9. Christmas Swim
  10. Bin Night

If you missed the Countdown, you can watch it via the Bluey Fest Live Stream on ABC iview.

The Biggest Little Bluey Countdown concludes ABC’s Bluey Fest – celebrating five years of Bluey.

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