The Block stars call for better standards in building industry following “heartbreaking” DMs

"Enough is enough."

Several former The Block stars have called for a change to the building industry after hearing too many disaster stories from their followers.

It all kicked off The Block 2019 winners Tess and Luke Struber shared on Instagram that they’re attempting to get defects on their recent build fixed.

Fellow alumni and 2013 winners, twin sisters Alisa and Lysandra Fraser, reshared Tess and Luke’s story, which prompted fans to share their own experiences.

Tess and Luke Struber, Alisa and Lysandra Fraser. Instagram.

As the stories added up, Lysandra took to her Instagram Story to declare that “enough is enough”.

“Trust me, Alisa and I totally get it, we are going through exactly the same thing,” the interior designer admitted.

“If us in the industry are going through it, I hate to think how many people that aren’t in the industry are being taken for a ride. Something has to change, there has to be some accountability.”

The Block stars share “heartbreaking” messages from fans

Lysandra added that the DMs they’d received were “heartbreaking”, while Tess and Luke shared followers’ experiences on their Story.

One user told the couple that their newly renovated bathroom is unusable because when showering, “the water flows out into [their] hallway… not to any of the drains”.

The duo said that they hear similar stories “so much”.

“Sh*t just happens and people get away with it!” they penned.

Stories shared by Tess and Luke. Instagram.

In a subsequent Story, they clarified that they’re “in no way saying everyone is sh*t”.

“We have worked with some INCREDIBLE trades who we admire big time! It’s just the cowboys are ruining it for everyone,” they confessed.

Alisa and Lysandra share advice for fans hoping to renovate

The twins, who reappeared on The Block in 2014, a year after their win, also shared some sage advice for fans wanting to renovate.

“Make sure you get references. Ask your friends and family who they built with and what their experience was like,” they penned.

“Always get a lawyer to read over your contract. If you have had a good builder sing it from the rooftop.”

The Block Season 20 is coming soon to Channel 9 and 9Now.

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