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“Sauce Boss is on the cards!”: Sumeet’s spicy ride on MasterChef Australia

"There’s no right or wrong with food — make it your own."

Sumeet Saigal walked into the MasterChef Australia kitchen in last night’s episode, confidently wearing her white apron and fully expecting an immunity cook. But the judges had other plans.

When it was revealed that it was actually a surprise elimination, Sumeet, like the rest of us, was taken aback.

“That was a little bit of a surprise for all of us,” Sumeet admitted to Chattr. “We were expecting it to be a day when we could push the boat out and do something crazy and fun, without any devastating repercussions.”

The bold bacon and egg blue cheese naan

Sumeet’s dish that night was nothing short of daring—a bacon and egg blue cheese naan.

“When you think of a bacon and egg roll, it’s such a staple. But who’s ever heard of a bacon, egg, and blue cheese naan?” Sumeet explained. “I wanted to bring a piece of my heritage into it and make it relatable to Australians.”

She spiced up the classic with some rocket salad, candied walnuts, and a chilli coriander butter. “It was so delicious,” she said. “But getting that egg right was the trickiest part.”

Sumeet showed off her creative culinary skills on MasterChef Australia. 10

An egg-streme challenge

Ah, the humble egg. A breakfast staple, but a nightmare in disguise on MasterChef Australia.

“You’d think making an egg is simple, right? But when it’s inside a naan and you can’t see it, it’s a whole different ball game,” Sumeet laughed.

She even tried freezing the eggs to control the cooking process, a clever move that showed her inventive spirit. “I’ll need to practice it more, but it’s definitely a technique I’m curious about.”

Cooking from the heart

During her time on the show, Sumeet received a lot of advice, but the best piece was simple: “Cook what you love to eat.”

This mantra kept her grounded amidst the competition’s pressure. “It helps you stay calm and ensures you’re making something delicious,” she said.

For those inspired by Sumeet’s passion for simplifying Indian food and wanting to bring a taste of the culture into their own kitchens, Sumeet suggested not overthinking it. “Indian food doesn’t have to be complicated. Just start experimenting. There’s no right or wrong with food — make it your own.”

Sumeet on MasterChef
Sumeet has a passion for simplifying Indian food. 10

The future looks saucy

So, what was next for Sauce Boss? She’s diving deeper into her sauce business, a dream that has been simmering for years.

This, of course, was boosted by her win in an immunity challenge with her unique InTALIAN Simmer Sauce, a delicious blend of Indian and Italian flavours that is now available in Coles stores nationwide.

“The response to my sauces has been amazing. People are getting so creative with them. It’s inspiring.,” Sumeet said,

But she’s not just stopping at one product; she’s looking to expand her range. “Sauce Boss is on the cards! I’m going to be working tirelessly to bring more sauces to market.”

Sumeet now has her own InTALIAN sauce in Coles stores Australia-wide. 10

Who has what it takes to win Masterchef Australia 2024?

As for who she thought would take the MasterChef Australia crown this season?

“It’s tough. The top seven are all fantastic,” Sumeet said thoughtfully. “But if I really had to pick one, it would be between my subcontinent sister Sav and my beautiful roomie Nat. But yeah, I think my bestie Nat would have to.”

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