MAFS’ Holly Greenstein sets record straight after cinema incident goes viral on TikTok

"I tried my hardest not to get involved with the situation."

Married at First Sight Australia 2022‘s Holly Greenstein has set the record straight following a viral TikTok in which she appeared to deny a customer entry into a cinema.

In June, one TikTok user shared a 10-second video of Holly at her workplace, Reading Cinemas Auburn, where she allegedly claimed she was “on her period”, and therefore could refuse customers entry.

In the video, an off-camera woman explained: “She said I can’t go in because she feels like it. She says, ‘I can refuse entry to whoever I want’ and she won’t give me a reason.

Holly Greenstein. Nine.

With her back to the camera, the former MAFS bride could be heard saying, “It’s because I have my period, isn’t that what you said?”

The unidentified woman quipped back before the TikTok ended:  “So you won’t let me in today because you have your period?”

Holly Greenstein says there’s more to viral cinema TikTok

Chatting to Daily Mail Australia about the incident, Holly said the customer was refused entry because she had brought an external business’ pizza, which is against Reading Cinemas’ rules.

“They brought hot food in, they were politely asked by my boss, not even me, to finish the food before they went into the cinema,” she explained.

“I tried to step away from the situation, I tried my hardest not to get involved with the situation.”


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Holly continued: “My boss was trying to deal with it. I got dragged into it because they were asking me where the terms and conditions of entry sign was.”

She also alleged that the customer broached the “period” issue, and her comment was in response to that.

MAFS‘ Holly Greenstein calls out trolls for “personally attacking” her

Holly told the outlet that her MAFS profile is what resulted in the video being shared.

In the aftermath, she’s also called out online trolls for “personally attacking” her with abusive DMs.

“For the most part, customers are really kind, they look at me and recognise me and are just excited,” she admitted.

“Generally when the public recognise me, it’s a polite and friendly conversation and sometimes people ask for selfies.”

Holly’s relatively remained out of the public eye since leaving MAFS, during which she was paired with Andrew Davis.

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