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Interview: What actually happened when MAFS’ John intervened with Cassandra and Tristan

Plus, she explains what she really meant by the 'I'm bored' comment

MAFS fan favourites Cassandra Adams and Tristan Black have well and truly hit a speed bump in recent episodes, and everything hit boiling point at Madeleine and Ash’s wedding.

While the established couples were seated at the reception, Tristan and Cassandra started fighting after she said she was “bored”.

Tristan took the comment to mean that she was bored of him, however, during an interview with Chattr, Cassandra explained that the meaning behind her comment was actually more complex.

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“I definitely could have chosen better words and delivered it a lot better to Tristan, but he’s just a strong communicator. He’s very fast, clear and sharp, and I’m the opposite,” she said.

“I sometimes take a bit of time to process some things and what I’m feeling well, and I didn’t mean it to come out like, ‘I’m bored’,” she added.

Cassandra said that she was, quite literally, bored at the wedding, and it made her think about where her and Tristan’s relationship was going.

“It was just everything; it was where we were at, it [the relationship] wasn’t moving forward. We’re bored at this wedding, there’s no music, there’s no dancing,” she said.

“Where is the excitement and passion in the relationship? And I think that just kind of bubbled up and I was bored at the table,” she added.

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Cassandra’s thoughts on John Aiken

In Tuesday night’s episode, Cassandra and Tristan met with relationship expert John Aiken to try and repair the fractures the fight from the wedding had caused.

Cassandra raved about the time with John and told Chattr that his advice was “so helpful”.

“That session on the couch, I was ready to empty my pockets like this man deserves everything, he is so good at his job,” she laughed.

“He’s a professional and he delivers the message like very clearly you can understand it as a regular Joe and straight away you can apply it into your relationship,” she added.

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Cassandra said that John helped her see the relationship from Tristan’s point of view, and understand what he needed.

“He helped us out of this little ‘stagnant gridlock’ he called it, and I was like, ‘That’s exactly what we’re in!'”

“He just waved his magic wand and you’re just like, ‘Oh, we got that much better. We can breathe again. We can talk to each other again’. John is so brilliant.”

“I am listening to Tristan. But I’m not validating him and that was a big one. nd that’s what Tristan needed. So he kind of gave me the formula to Tristan’s head and heart.”

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