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Recap — Episode 6: Two ladies decide to exit Farmer Wants a Wife

One Farmer was left in shock!

After the success of the solo dates on April 17, the unchosen ladies were left feeling left out in the cold, as time with the Farmer Wants a Wife Australia 2023 Farmers was becoming limited.

With only three ladies on each farm, Farmer Matt took his ladies into the shearing shed and Olivia expressed that she was concerned he was holding back with her after their solo date.

Convincing her to stay — not that there was any question — Olivia felt reassured. As for Annabelle, she hasn’t had a one-on-one date with Matt, prompting her to question her place on the farm.

Olivia and Matt FWAW
Olivia and Matt. Seven.

Meanwhile on Farmer Andrew’s farm, Maddison was finding her own barrier in her search for love — namely that she had also had had no time with Andrew.

“We haven’t really found our connection or our bond yet,” she said. “It’s difficult for him to spread his time between all of us.”

Claire admitted that she cared about her Farmer a lot and felt “confident” in their connection, while also feeling a little anxious.

The Farmer Wants a Wife ladies were tasked with setting up dates

Letters were then placed on the doorstop of each homestead tasking the ladies to create blind dates for their Farmers i.e. the men wouldn’t know which date was set up by who.

But before the Farmers could choose which one they wanted to undertake, on Farmer Brad’s farm, Clare was also concerned that she hadn’t had a date yet.

Meanwhile, Farmer David‘s ladies spoke about their date ideas, with Emily wanting to bring a “creative” side to her date and Leah on began to plan an outdoorsy date. David’s other lady, Lorelei, lamented how shocked she was that Elle had been sent home, given that her connection with David seemed strong.

David then took Lorelei for a chat, wanting to “touch base” with her and she called the night prior “confronting”.

“I was definitely worried that Elle leaving could happen to me as well,” she said.

Lorelei and David. Seven.

David admitted that his feelings hadn’t changed for her, reassuring her and making her “feel better”.

On Farmer Brenton’s farm, Frankie was also questioning her connection with her Farmer, hoping he would choose her otherwise there was “no point” in her being there.

The Farmers chose the blind dates they wanted to go on

Farmer Brenton had a choice between a sunset walk, a scavenger hunt and a beach walk with a game of cricket and a picnic.

Choosing the scavenger hunt — which belonged to Sophie — and Frankie was wondering whether she should stay.

Frankie. Seven.

On Farmer Brad’s farm, Corista was optimistic about Brad picking her blind date; however, Clare’s choice of a buggy ride was the one to win him over.

Clare revealed her concerns that she would have feelings for Brad and then get to the end and she wouldn’t be chosen. After he asked her whether she could see herself moving to the farm, she said she had some “non-negotiables” including a new garden.

“You’re garden is sh**,” she told him.

Brad reassured her that his feelings hadn’t changed and that she “had nothing to worry about” with the pair also realising that they were on the same page with their feelings.

“The chemistry is there and that’s exciting,” he said. “I’ve put myself out there to find someone and it’s bloody exciting that Clare could be the one and could be there at the end and live happily ever after.”

Farmer Brad and Clare. Seven.

On David’s farm, his ladies pitched a hiking date with wine, a swim followed by a bathtub under the stars and a farm date with a splash of paint — with the latter, written by Emily, chosen.

The pair embarked on a “paint and sip”, with David using the time to see if there is something deeper between them.

Back at the house, Lorelei was excited for Emily; however, was also disappointed that she didn’t get the extra time.

“It was impressive, it was romantic, it was fun,” David said.

Farmer Andrew and Maddison realised they were on two different life paths

On Farmer Andrew’s farm, after careful consideration, he chose the “more romantic” date — the windmill on the farm with Maddison.

Back at the farm, Jess and Claire reflected on his pick, with Claire saying that she didn’t mind whether he chose her or not.

Maddison and Andrew spoke about her restaurant, with the pair realising that their lifestyles were too different because of Maddison’s business and Andrew worried that she didn’t realise how much went into the day-to-day life of his farm.

Andrew and Maddison. Seven.

Maddison was annoyed by Andrew, saying: “Yeh, that didn’t go so well. I feel a bit stupid now.”

On Matt’s farm, Annabelle’s date caught his eye.

“Finally, it’s my time to shine,” she said.

Olivia and Chelsea anxiously waited their return, wondering how the date was going.

While Clare and Brad’s relationship deepened with a kiss, Corista was struggling back at home.

Meanwhile, Farmer Brenton admitted he liked Sophie “more than a friend” and Matt and Annabelle shared a kiss.

Maddison and Andrew came to the realisation that they were on two different places and they mutually decided she should leave.

Shocking news rocks Farmer Brad’s farm

Both Emily and Annabelle were concerned how the other girls would react to their positive dates, with Olivia saying the “air left my lungs” a little bit after finding out Matt and Annabelle had shared a kiss, subsequently causing friction between the two.

Sophie and Brenton shared an intimate moment when she admitted she was “falling in love” with him. He responded by kissing her.

When Brad and Clare returned home for their date, they were delivered the news that Corista had “gone”.

“Like gone, gone?” Brad asked Chelsea who said it happened while they were on their date.

“She just felt like it was right for her to not be here anymore,” she said.

Brad was left feeling confused, saying he wasn’t “expecting it” and admitted he wished she had talked to him about it.

“She’s gone, she’s gone. You can’t do much about it,” he said.

Farmer Wants a Wife Australia 2023 continues on Sunday at 7.00pm on 7 and 7Plus.

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