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“That show is dangerous”: MAFS bride Clare Verrall compares series to deadly Roman Gladiator fights

"It's torture"

Former Married at First Sight bride Clare Verrall has slammed the popular reality show and likened it to watching brutal fights in the Middle Ages.

Clare appeared on season two of the experiment and has made no secret about her disdain for MAFS ever since. The 40-year-old told The Briefing Podcast that she believes watching humans being encouraged to do certain things by producers is “horrific”.

Clare Verrall and Jono Pitman on MAFS in 2016. Nine.

“It’s torture. I think what we’re doing is basically. We look back in time at say the gladiators and the Christians versus the lions and how disgusting and bloody and horrific that was that people would sit and watch that and cheer that on, we’re doing the same thing,” she said.

While Clare made her opinions about the show clear, she didn’t go into specific examples.

“I won’t go into what happened, but that show is dangerous and the things that have happened to other people on the show are horrendous. But that’s their story to tell.

Clare claims that the participants aren’t supported

It’s well known that MAFS participants are given support by counsellors throughout filming. However, Clare disputed this claim.

“They say all the stuff about all the support you get, you don’t, and you’re not giving any media training,” she told the host Antoinette Lattouf.

“You just held in an absolute lion’s den, it’s completely manipulated. They say well they knew what they were getting into you, you don’t. You think you do, You don’t. It’s so twisted,” she added.

Clare went on to point out the frankenbiting that’s used in MAFS. Frankenbiting is a term that describes when different pieces of audio are spliced together to make a sentence.

“People will say, well, they can’t make you say things you didn’t say. Yeah, they can. I’ve watched it happen. The way they cobble things together is crazy.”

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