Ash on MAFS

MAFS 2024: Meet Ash, the man marrying Home and Away’s Madeleine

Who is he?

Thirty-three-year-old Victorian Ash Galanti is paired with the ever-enthusiastic Madeleine Jevic on MAFS, but who is he?

According to his 9Now bio, Ash is a sensitive and caring guy who is often misjudged by women because of his tattoos.

He is tired of attracting women who walk all over him and “is looking for an authentic partner who is willing to accept him fully and have the relationship last beyond the initial love-bomb phase”.

According to his LinkedIn bio, Ash is a Customer Development Manager for a pest control company. He “Initiates project management for new client implementation and directs new sales initiatives. Manage large client relationships.”

Ash Galanti. Instagram.

Ash and his brother

Ash sadly lost his brother in 2020. In July 2022, he shared a photo with his brother to honour his birthday.

“Happy early Birthday brother. Today we celebrated for you. To say things have been hard since you left is an understatement,” the caption began.

“Grief and loss are complex, multifaceted, and multilayered. It’s hard to comprehend sometimes. I’m trying to keep my kindness & love. Some days are harder than others. It’s hard when this world can be so cruel, so hostile. I’m trying to handle things down here.

“Looking after mum, making sure the family stays intact. It’s a constant struggle. We are all trying to be better for you. I’m trying to love harder for you. If I could just have one more day with you, but I know that’s not reality. Happy Birthday, brother. Where ever you are just know you are loved.”

Ash and his brother. Instagram.

Ash lived in Thailand

Ash previously lived in Thailand and practised a lot of Muay Thai. During that time he spent time in Pai, which is on the border of Burma, as well as Phuket and Bangkok.

“Where I lived in Pai, Thailand was ghetto as f**k. Snakes, spiders & rats were a daily occurrence. I loved it. Living in straight up jungle.” he wrote in an Instagram post.

“It’s funny how I have gotten older material things mean shit to me. When I was in my early 20s I would stress over the stupidest things. Staying in a nice hotel, nothing was good enough I would find something to complain about and completely fuck it. Now I could sleep on a floor,” he continued.

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