Johnny and George from survivor

There’s a huge problem with George and Jonny Fairplay’s Survivor Australia viewing parties

Well, that's not ideal

Two of the greatest villains the franchise has ever seen, George Mladenov and Jonny Fairplay, are teaming up for Survivor Australia 2024 viewing parties here in Australia.

George, who was on Australian Survivor: Brains v Brawn and Australian Survivor: Heroes v Villains and Jonny Fairplay who was on America’s Survivor: Pearl Islands and Survivor: Micronesia are two of the most recognisable faces to come out of the show.

George is known for his scheming and manipulative ways, while Jonny claimed that his grandma died in order to win a reward challenge in Pearl Islands, a move that’s practically become part of his identity.

The problem with their viewing parties

While the pair-up is a very exciting collab for Survivor super fans, the men have faced one massive problem with their scheduled viewing parties.

The season was slated to kick off on February 5th, which is when Jonny and George organised their first viewing party in Melbourne for. However, the premiere date has recently been moved forward to the 29th January, meaning that the men will miss the premiere.

However, George has confirmed on Instagram that the dates will stay the same, and the viewing party will be for whatever episode is playing on that particular day.

The viewing parties will be taking place in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Find out more about each below.

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George Mladenov and Jonny Fairplay‘s viewing parties


When: February 5th, 2024.

Where: The Emerald Peacock Rooftop Bar, Melbourne, VIC.

Who else is attending: Chrissy Zaremba, Makr Wales, Annabel Fidler, Phil Fergusson, Anjali Rao and Mel Chiang.

Tickets: buy them here.


When: February 6, 2024.

Where: Agincourt Hotel, Sydney, NSW.

Who else is attending: Cara Atchinson, Ben Law, Sarah Tileke, Sharn Coombe, Wai Chim, and Michelle Chiang.

Tickets: buy them here.


When: February 7, 2024.

Where: Transcontinental Hotel, Brisbane, QLD.

Who else is attending: Simon Mee, Gerry Gletch, Gerald Youles, Tara Pitt, Chrissy Zaremba, Jacqui Patterson and Juicy Dave.

Tickets: buy them here.

Stream Survivor Australia 2024 from January 29, 2024, at 7:30pm on Channel 10 and 10Play.

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