Bouncer on The Masked Singer

The Masked Singer Australia 2023: Who is behind the Bouncer mask?

Who could it be?

Bouncer has impressed the judges and fans alike on The Masked Singer 2023, but who is performing behind the big kangaroo ears?

Well, while Bouncer’s still in the competition – so his identity hasn’t been officially revealed yet – we’ve got some idea of who it may be.

Read on to find out!

Who do fans think it is?

Out of the remaining contestants, the identity of Bouncer is the one that social media users have almost unanimously agreed on.

“He’ll be last unmasked, it’s Conrad Sewell,” wrote one person on Instagram.

Another commented, “I’m on the Conrad train too! Just saw a promo and was like it’s his voice.”

Bouncer Masked Singer Australia 2023

The judge’s guesses so far

Episode Two

Luke Hemmings, Ryan Corr, Khanh Ong and Nick Lachey.

Episode Four

Sam Fischer, someone from New Kids On The Block, JC Chasez and a miscellaneous Jonas Brother.

Episode Six

Peter Andre, Joey Fatone, Nick Jonas and Anthony Callea.

The Masked Singer. Ten.

Bouncer’s clues so far

Episode Two

Where I come from it’s hot, almost 100 in the old money and everything I’ve got is from the sweat of my brow. You know, being a big red – well that’s in my DNA, you’ve got no choice but to be what you’ll be from a young age. But that’s alright, I’m a glass half-full roo. After all, we’ve all got our demons and angels. But if you believe in the higher power you’re going to be okay. Well, it’s getting late, almost midnight, another long but ordinary day for this roo. Time to close the door.

Episode Four

 Last time I leapt into gear and kept the panellists on their toes. Now, I’m ready to bounce back. Watch me give this competition a real kick! 

This Bouncer gets around, in fact, you can find roos like me from the forest to the lakes. Even the city of angels! Or at this bowlo. Hey, it’s better than working in a hotel. Let me tell ya, it’s not natural to sleepwalk through life so don’t even think about holding me up. To do what I do you’ve got to be tough, let me give you a demo! As things keep changing, you’ve got to stay relevant. That’s life. I believe in doing things the right way. That’s how this big boomer was raised.

In my last performance my song was just like me: a loved Australian classic and it kept the panel jumping from one conclusion to another. Now watch me give this competition a real kick!

Episode Six

You’ll have to forgive my attitude but I’ve really owned this game, it’s a gift! It requires patience but I’ve got plenty of that. Now don’t you go tripping and say I’m cartoonish, that’s all in the past. I’m as big and real as life, so bad as you think you are I’ve got the big guy on my side. You know, what I do is my everything. It’s not like I could be a hairdresser or something. Ridiculous!

The Masked Singer Australia continues on Monday at 7.30pm on 10 and 10Play.

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