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MAFS bride Bronte Schofield shares the advice she gave her sister Kirra ahead of Love Island

Plus, she revealed one of the bombshells

Controversial MAFS bride Bronte Schofield has revealed that she gave her sister Kirra some reality TV tips ahead of her time on Love Island Australia.

ICYMI, Kirra became somewhat of a fan favourite after she basically torched Bronte’s MAFS husband Harrison Boon over his treatment of her sister.

For the best part of this year, fans have been pleading for Kirra to be on Love Island, and their wishes have been granted.

“Her [Kirra] and Abby. So, her and old mate’s [Harrison Boon] secret girlfriend [Abby Miller] is also on there,” Bronte said during an appearance on the Tosser podcast with Ollie Skelton.

Abby wasn’t listed in the original cast list, so it’s likely that she’ll be entering the villa as a bombshell.

Bronte Schofield. Instagram.

What advice did Bronte give Kirra?

Bronte took part in Channel 9’s biggest reality TV show, so it’s safe to say that she knows a thing or two about the gig.

Bronte revealed that she warned Kirra about producer manipulation before her sister headed off to film Love Island Australia.

“I think the biggest thing I got told by so many people that don’t trust – and I mean this so respectfully – but don’t trust production. They’re going to ask you questions in the hope that you answer in a specific way to meet the storyline.

Bronte said that she was worried when Kirra bonded with her producer.

“Kirra was like, ‘Oh wow my producer is so nice, she’s lovely’. I was like, ‘Yeah they all are, mate. They’ve got a job to do’. So, I just told her to trust her gut.

“When you’re in that environment you don’t know what’s real and what’s not, it’s hard to decipher. I just said [to Kirra] ‘when your gut tells you something is off, you need to believe it.'”

Bronte Schofield. Instagram.

Would Bronte go on Love Island?

While Bronte didn’t completely rule out going on reality TV again, she did scoff at the idea of being an Islander.

“I’m too old to go on Love Island,” she laughed. “I’m 30 in a month!”

Love Island Australia premieres on October 30 at 6pm AEDT on 9Now.

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