Alfie on MasterChef with Brent

“He got little tears in his eyes”: Brent Draper on seeing his son Alfie watch him win MasterChef

"I think he was still partying and dancing around at about quarter past twelve"

From watching Jock Zonfrillo’s emotional tribute to seeing Brent Draper take out the winning crown, the grand final episode of MasterChef Australia 2023 was an emotional one.

However, among those tender moments was adorable Alfie, Brent’s four-year-old son whose appearance in the episode stole the show!

During an interview with Chattr following his victory, Brent revealed that he had watched the final episode with his son and his family, as well as some of his MasterChef mates.

“I had a few mates from Season 13 and a few mates from Season 15 and the family, little Alfie,” he said.

“It was a very, very special moment. All he cares about is the trophy and when I lifted the trophy, he got little tears in his eyes. So it was a good moment.”

Brent and Alfie. Ten

Alfie enjoyed watching the finale with his dad

Brent admitted that throughout the season, Alfie was allowed to watch some of the episodes; however, his bedtime was always before the eliminations took place.

“He’s been allowed to sort of watch the season up until… Look, he can get away with quarter past eight, and then he’s got to hit the sack,” he said.

“So, he says he never really sees the end result of anything. Last night was a different story. He was allowed to obviously watch until the end and I think he was still partying and dancing around at about quarter past twelve, so he’s probably still asleep now.

“That was a big night for the little fella. He was having a good time!” he laughed.

Brent, Alfie and Shonleigh. Ten

Brent cooked off against Rhiannon Anderson during the over two challenges, winning the competition with a score of 63/70 versus Rhiannon’s 52/70.

However, it was having his family up in the gantry that meant everything to him.

“I always love to cook with emotion and having the family there was one of the reasons why the cook went so well,” he revealed.

Not only did he win, but he also pocketed a cool $250,000 in prize money, cash that he will use to start a cookbook inspired by his battle with mental health.

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