The Circle cast

Meet the ten contestants (and one AI Bot) who make up the cast of The Circle 2024

Will any of them uncover Matt the Chat Bot?

The Circle 2024 is keeping up with modern times by including an AI Bot among the cast on season six.

Of course, because it’s The Circle none of the other cast members will actually know what’s behind each screen, meaning they’ll think that the chatbot is an actual person.

The rest of The Circle 2024 cast is made up of humans who come from all over America. Among them is a proud dog dad, a Southern belle and a former NBA dancer.

As the premise of The Circle goes, each castmate will be locked in their own room and will communicate with the rest of the group simply by chatting in text messages attached to a profile picture.

However, the catch is that the contestants don’t necessarily have to be the person that they’re representing on the Netflix show. For example, a mid-20s female model could pretend to be a 50-year-old man who’s a scientist.

Throughout the show, the cast mates will rank their competitors from highest to lowest, based on their personal preference – general cast mates try to eliminate Catfish (those who aren’t who they say they are).

The rankings determine who gets blocked from the game, and, ultimately, who wins the grand prize of USD $100,000.

Meet the cast who make up The Circle 2024.

AI Bot Max

Age: 26

Location: Midwest.

About: Max is a chatbot who will be playing as a 26-year-old veterinary intern hailing from the Midwest. Why? Well, as the bot explains, choosing his age was all about being able to “leverage life experience and maturity, while still playing youthful.” His profession “highlights his caring and nurturing side” in order for him to appear “more likable to players.” Holding a dog in his profile picture is also part of the bot’s strategy, as photos with dogs “receive 38% more likes on social media.”

Kyle Fuller


Age: 31

Location: Miami

About: “Proud dog dad” Kyle just couldn’t join The Circle solo, so he’s entering the game with his best (furry) friend, Deuce. The married professional basketball player is competitive at heart, saying, “I hate losing more than I like winning.” But to get players off his scent, he’s joining the experiment as an extremely single basketball trainer.

Cassie Saylor


Age: 29

Location: Manchester, Kentucky

About: This Southern belle has a history with catfishing, as she caught her ex-husband cheating after making a fake profile. “A fake can point out another fake,” she says. But Cassie is putting the past behind her by joining the game as herself: a newly engaged mother of two who’s ready to expose the competition. 

Brandon Baker


Age: 34

Location: Columbus, Ohio

About: As a self-described “adult Cabbage Patch kid,” Brandon is ditching his real-life persona and going full catfish in the game. The nursing assistant will be playing as his friend and colleague Olivia, hoping to combine his “brains and personality” with her “body-ody-ody” to come out on top. “This is my opportunity to be hot because I’ve never gotten to do that before,” he says.

Quori-Tyler ‘QT’ Bullock


Age: 26

Location: Los Angeles

About: This former NBA dancer is no stranger to making moves — and she won’t be dancing around anyone’s feelings in the chatQuori-Tyler is coming into The Circle as a secret superfan, who’s watched every single episode multiple times. “I’m here to play the game and be a mastermind at it,” she says. And while she’s all about strategy, a Circle romance isn’t completely off the table for Quori-Tyler, as she says she’s “single as a Pringle.”

Lauren LaChant


Age: 26

Location: Philadelphia

About: Lauren is ready to “slay the day” by being 100% herself in The Circle. The former Twitch streamer is comfortable talking to people through a screen — after all, she used to game for up to 10 hours a day.  Lauren is open to all kinds of connections in the experiment, as she’s a “naturally flirty” nerd who’s fresh out of a relationship. 

Caress Russell


Age: 37

Location: Dallas

About: A motivational speaker, Caress has a natural way with words. But she’s trading in speeches for bars,  joining the game as her younger brother Paul, a rapper and singer. “Everybody’s catfishing online, so why not me?” she says. Caress hopes that she’ll be able to harness her sibling’s social media power — he has more than 300,000 followers, while going into the game, she’s barely cracked 3,000. 

Myles Reed


Age: 29

Location: Los Angeles

About: Don’t judge Myles (or his alter ego, “Yung Papi Fuego”) by appearances. While he openly embraces his self-described “fuckboy” energy, he’s also an AI engineer who has a knack for strategizing and calling out catfishes. “I’m either a you love or hate me type of guy,” he says. As a “huge flirt,” Myles is hoping the ladies in the game skew toward the former. 

Stephanie ‘Steffi’ Hill


Age: 35

Location: Redondo Beach, California

About: Charge your crystals and unblock your chakras because Steffi is here to make her mark (along with her emotional support skeleton). The psychic medium and professional astrologer will be using her fine-tuned intuition in the game to outlast the other players. But she isn’t telling anyone about her (super)natural gifts — or that her dead aunt might be giving her tips in the game.

Autumn Nielsen


Age: 21

Location: Murfreesboro, Tennessee

About: Players be warned: Autumn is used to getting her hands dirty, working outdoors, and wrangling animals as a full-time ranch hand. She’s bringing an “I don’t give a damn” attitude into the game, where she’s competing as her “genuine weird redneck self.” To land herself in the finale, Autumn is planning on building alliances, leveraging her Southern charm, and flexing her flirting skills if need be.

Jordan Staff


Age: 24

Location: Austin, Texas

About: Jordan is heading into The Circle as himself — but with a little bit of a twist. Since he now “gets easily mistaken as a douchebag” online, the photographer is turning back the clock a few years to appear more approachable. “Before I lost weight, everyone saw me as a friendly giant,” he says. But don’t let his “Big J” persona fool you, as Jordan is ready to get messy in the game and spread misinformation to make it to the top.

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