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Apparently, filming for The Block 2024 has been delayed and people aren’t happy about it

What does that mean for the air date?

The Block Australia is famously filmed in Victoria each year, and the contestants usually make no secret of the freezing weather conditions they experience while renovating.

Generally, filming of The Block begins in March, and finishes in June, meaning the latter months are very cold.

Much to the crews’ relief, it was reported that the filming schedule for The Block 2024 would be moved forward to being in January, but that has since changed.

“The show has needed to reset and for many reasons involving the location and casting of the 2024 series, The Block will be filmed at the same time as last year,” a source told Yahoo Lifestyle Australia.

“There had been some promises made to crew about the conditions on set being improved and these delays have affected that promise.”

How the filming schedule affects the contestants and crew

Victoria is well-known for its frequent downfall during winter, as well as for being one of the coldest cities in Australia.

The source noted that the winter schedule regularly creates “many obstacles for the cast and crew”.

“The mud issue in 2022 while filming the Tree Change season had many long-standing crew members questioning if they could survive a similar shoot if the show returned to a similar climate,” they said.

“So when the locations being sourced were Daylesford, Phillip Island and Yarra Valley, it was a relief to hear the schedule had been moved forward to a January/February start date to avoid the bitterly cold months.”

Chattr reached out to Channel 9 for comment, but are yet to hear back.

There may be eight teams this season

While the reasons behind the apparent delay in production have been kept quiet, they could have something to do with the rumour that there will be twice as many teams in the upcoming season.

Channel Nine purchased a holiday resort on Phillip Island named Island Cove Villas for $9.5 million to be used on The Block. The space has a shared swimming pool, tennis court and rec centre, as well as eight identical properties.

However, there is also a chance that each team may be allocated two properties each, and have the job of joining them together to make one large house.

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