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Ouch! Everyone who’s been injured on Gladiators Australia 2024 so far


The entire premise of Gladiators Australia 2024 is for the Gladiators to take down the contestants (or vice versa!) one by one. So, there’s a pretty good chance that a few of the competitors will be injured throughout the show.

While both sides of the competitors are decked out in safety gear, and the challenges are predominantly on foam mats, injuries do happen.

Check out the contestants and Gladiators who have been injured on the show so far.

Episode One

Competitor: Ben

What happened: 19-year-old Ben injured his ankle when he was tackled by Phoenix in Powerball.

“Ben will not be back due to injury, the rules state there can be a substitute contender,” Ref Hammer stated. He was replaced by a backup competitor called Kurt.

Gladiators. Ten.

Episode two

Gladiator: Viking

What happened: Viking injured his left arm during his Gladiator debut in the same event. The Powerball challenge saw him injure his left shoulder and sit the rest of the episode out.

Viking wasn’t replaced in the challenge, and the two competitors were left to take on just two Gladiators, instead of three.

Gladiators. Ten.

Gladiators Australia 2024 airs Sunday – Wednesday at 7:30pm on Channel 10 and 10Play.

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