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All the insane cameos from JLo’s “cinematic odyssey” This Is Me…Now: A Love Story

Ben Affleck makes THREE separate appearances!

Well, ladies and gentlemen! Jennifer Lopez has well and truly outdone herself in her new “narrative-driven cinematic odyssey” This Is Me…Now: A Love Story and whatever you expected from it… it ain’t gonna be that!

The film, which was released on Prime Video on February 16, flits between a chaotic music video, a story about healing and self-love and hectic cameos from her nearest and dearest, including fourth husband Ben Affleck a.k.a The Dunking.

So, who has made their way into this bats–t crazy masterpiece that feels like a fever dream you can’t wake up from?

Scroll through to find out…

The Zodiac Council

The Zodiac Council oversees JLo’s love life, watching and judging from above. While the A-List gathering is something to be marvelled at, the fact that they were not all in the same room at the time…is not.

Sofia Vergara plays Cancer, while Jane Fonda (from Jenny’s film Monster-In-Law) plays Saggitarius. Grammys host Trevor Noah serves as Libra, while Leo is portrayed by… *checks notes* Post Malone.

Next up is the Isha Foundation founder Sadhguru, who plays Pisces while Keke Palmer plays Scorpio and Jenifer Lewis, the Gemini twins. Meanwhile, Kim Petras plays Virgo.

Finally, famed astrophysicist Neil Degrasse Tyson served as Taurus.

Derek Hough

Dancer and TV personality Derek Hough also makes an appearance as JLo’s (a.k.a The Artist) Husband #2 in the montage Can’t Get Enough.

Derek Hough and Jennifer Lopez, Prime Video

Fat Joe

Fat Joe opens the celeb appearances as Jenny from the Block’s therapist, aptly named Joe.

Trevor Jackson

Grown-ish star Trevor Jackson plays Husband #3.

Paul Raci

Sound of Metal‘s Paul Raci takes on the role of a support group leader, offering guidance to JLo during her initial meeting for individuals grappling with love addiction.

Fat Joe, This Is Me..Now. Prime Video

Ben Affleck

Finally, the guy who puts the “Ben” in “Bennifer”, Mr Ben Affleck.

Benny plays not only a motorcycle rider who breaks The Artist’s heart but serves as a cable news commentator named Rex Stone.

Finally — and you have gotta be paying attention — his jawline stars at the end of the flick when The Artist finds her true love…but only when she learns to love herself first, DAH!

Stream This Is Me…Now: A Love Story on Prime Video from February 16.

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