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We spy a Bachie contestant in the new FBOY Island trailer

Hint: it's not Abbie!

FBOY Island Australia is coming back for Season Two and finally we’ve got the deets we’ve been waiting for β€” a trailer, release date and even our leading ladies.

BiINGE has been dropping very short teaser trailers that give us juicy hints about Season Two over the last week, but now they’ve upped the ante.

Keep reading for everything we know so far about FBOY Island Season Two, including a familiar face as part of the leading ladies announcement!

Is there an FBOY Island Season Two trailer?

Sure is! And let me tell you, FBOY Island Season Two looks like it will D-E-L-I-V-E-R. Do I spy Abbie Chatfield telling someone off? Do I spy a Bachie contestant (more on that below)? Keen!!!

The official trailer follows a few teases we’ve copped this month, including one where Abbie asks why Limbro is open.

(For the uninitiated, Limbro is where naughty FBOYs are sent to repent after they’re eliminated.)

Could Abbie asking “Who left it open?” mean that some of the FBOYS from Season One are returning in Season Two? Could Vernon be back for another round?

You can watch it below.

Who is in the FBOY Island Season Two cast?

We don’t have any details on who the FBOYs and Nice Guys will be made up of just yet. There’s a decent taste of what we’re in for thanks to the trailer above, though. I don’t think they’re going to disappoint.

We now know who the three new leading ladies are!

Australia, meet Krystal Thomas, Ally Woodfall and Nicole Mitrov.

From left to right: Ally Woodfall, Krystal Thomas, Nicole Mitrov. Image: BINGE.

Krystal has experience navigating FBOYs β€” you might remember her as a The Bachelors contestant where she dated Felix Van Hofe.

Who will host FBOY Island Season Two?

Abbie will return as host of FBOY Island Australia after nailing the job for Season One.

fboy island season two abbie chatfield
Literally the best host choice for this show. Image: BINGE.

Not only has she been on a reality dating show before as runner-up for Matt Agnew‘s The Bachelor season, but she also knows when to call out people for being shitty.

In Abbie we trust.

What can we expect from FBOY Island Season Two?

Host Abbie explained that while fans can expect drama again this season, the sophomore season will be different from the first.

fboy island season two cast
FBOY Island Season Two’s leading ladies with host Abbie. Image: BINGE.

β€œThis season is as drama-filled but in really different ways,” Chatfield told Daily Telegraph earlier this year.

β€œThe stories along the way are way more complex and I think the three leading women did such an amazing job at supporting each other, really doing detective work and being steadfast.

“They had some hard conversations with each other along the way as well, which I think is what real friendship is all about.”

FBOY Island Season Two release date

The official FBOY Island Season Two release date is August 5, 2024. Pencil it in!

Which FBOY Island Season One couples are still together?

In Season One, Molly O’Halloran, Ziara Rae and Sophie Blackley attempted to navigate their way through the FBOYs and find true love.

FBOY Island leads and their final picks. Image: BINGE.

Molly and Ziara both snagged “nice guys” in Nick Brown and Izaya Leota respectively. And, as far as know, they’re still with their chosen picks!

Chattr spoke to Molly and Nick in July, 2024, while Ziara and Izaya last posted together on Instagram on June 12, 2024.

Meanwhile, Sophie chose Joshy Allen, even though he was revealed to be an FBOY. They split up shortly after.

How to watch FBOY Island Australia

FBOY Island Australia streams exclusively on streaming service BINGE. You can watch everyone episode of Season One now.

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