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Ellie and Ben seal their relationship with a kiss and call out MAFS editing for being one-sided

"The way these producers make it seem like this huge drama"

Newlyweds Ellie Dix and Ben Walters have called out MAFS producers in a leaked video diary for editing footage to make it appear as though they don’t like each other.

The video, which was posted by MAFSFunny was taken during the experiment and shows Ellie and Ben talking to a phone camera back at their Sky Suites Apartment.

“Maybe this is not good. Maybe I could be — you know — maybe Ellie really hates me,” Ben said before panning the camera to Ellie.

“I don’t hate him,” Ellie clarified.

“You know, the way these producers make it seem like this huge drama,” she continued.

“What I’m trying to say is you might only be getting a snippet of me saying ‘he made me feel angry,’ but that was last night and I was angry,” she added.

“They’re just getting my side. So, I didn’t write Ben off but all it takes is a little cut here and there,” she trailed off.

Ben agreed and went over and gave Ellie a kiss on camera.

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Are Ben and Ellie still together?

**WARNING: This article contains potential spoilers for MAFS 2024.**

That’s a big old resounding NO.

Bombshell alert, because Ellie was spotted cuddled up with fellow groom Jono McCullough, who’s matched with Lauren Dunn, at her work party in December. A few of the guests plastered photos all over social media, which a MAFS gossip account then got a hold of.

Pics were later released of her and Jono making out in the ocean, so it’s safe to say that she and Ben definitely aren’t together.

According to Daily Mail Australia, the new relationship will be revealed in a future commitment ceremony.

“Lauren had no idea that Jono kept in contact with Ellie and found out during filming, and, boy, was she not happy,” a source told the publication.

“She was completely gobsmacked and felt humiliated by the end – but everyone else is happy for them.” 

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