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Gladiators 2024: Meet Khan Porter, the popular influencer behind Spartan


Khan Porter has taken on the role of Spartan on Gladiators 2024, but he’ll already be a very familiar face to some.

Khan boasts a whopping 186,000 followers on Instagram, where he regularly shares photos of himself travelling the world and working out.

It goes without saying that he’s absolutely ripped, which may have gained him a follower or two. See for yourself:

Khan Porter. Instagram.

Khan is a CrossFit Games competitor

Like many of his fellow Gladiators, Khan has competed in multiple CrossFit Games. In 2022 he came first in the regional men’s category and has played in the top ten numerous times.

“I stumbled upon CrossFit in a globo gym a few years prior and had always had an interest in it, particularly the competitive outlet it provided,” he told the blog Before You Speak Coffee.

I grew up playing rugby, competing in surf lifesaving and then found myself working as a journalist fresh out of uni. I saw a CrossFit gym had opened up near my house and I proudly walked in and said I wanted to sign up to make the CrossFit Games.

“In a weird serendipitous flash, the place I was writing for closed down, I started coaching at the gym I was training at and did a few local competitions and did well. Six months later, I went on to qualify for Regionals.”

Khan Porter. Instagram.

He’s studied psychology and philosophy

He’s not just a brawny bod, Khan has a big brain to match. According to his Gladiator bio, he “studied psychology and philosophy to help him better manage his mental health.”

“Having dealt with anxiety, ADHD and periods of depression since he was young, Khan is proud to share his mental health journey with his fitness community.”

Khan regularly posts about his mental health struggles on Instagram.

Gladiators Australia 2024 airs Sundays – Wednesday at 7:30pm on Channel 10 and 10Play.

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