Nate and Georgia on Love Island

Are Love Island Australia 2023’s Nate and Georgia still together? The lovebirds give a spicy update

Welp, now we know!

Nate Page and Georgia Murray had multiple conversations about how their relationship would work outside of the Love Island Australia 2023 villa.

So, now that they’ve officially been dumped from the villa, it’s time to find out whether their relationship survived the real world!

Nate and Georgia told Nine Entertainment that they initially split when they got back to Sydney.

“After we left and got back to Sydney we tried to give it a go, but life was really hectic so we had a bit of a break,” Georgia explained.

Love Island Australia. Nine.

However, after a bit of time apart the lovebirds decided to give their romance another try.

“We just started talking again and we were just like ‘Damn, there’s obviously still a flame here’,” Georgia said.

Georgia confirmed to the publication that she and Nate are now “back together”.

“Our journey is definitely not finished, we’re definitely together,” she glowed. “We just fit back like a glove – it was so easy.”

Georgia and Nate gush about the relationship in the real world

Both Nate and Georgia said that their relationship has improved tenfold since getting back together after the show.

”I feel like I’m dating a different person,” Georgia said. “I feel like I’m dating a different Nate – he is so much more relaxed now that he’s surrounded by his friends and family.

“It definitely feels like a fresh slate and a fresh start.”

Nate added: “We’re definitely doing better than we were towards the end of the Villa, that’s for sure.”

“I’d love for us to work out and develop a connection where we want to push it to the next stage.

“It feels like it’s going in that direction.”

Love Island Australia. Nine.

Which other couples from Love Island are still together?

Love Island Australia 2023 was pre-filmed, which means that all of the Islanders left the villa before the season began airing.

While the contestants aren’t technically allowed to spill the status of their relationship until they’re out of the villa, we’ve done some digging and it looks as though Kale and Tyra and Lucinda and Zac are the only couples still together.

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