Charlotte Crosby Charlotte in Sunderland

Whey aye man! Take a look at Charlotte Crosby’s new reality series Charlotte in Sunderland

It's Charlotte in a way you've never seen her before

After leaving Geordie Shore in 2016, Charlotte Crosby put her focus on building her empire — and her family — and now she’s back, with a brand-new reality series, Charlotte in Sunderland.

Premiering on August 17, only on Binge, the series will follow the famed reality star as she pursues her personal and professional dreams in her beloved hometown of Sunderland.

“I’m Charlotte Crosby and you’re about to see me in a way you’ve never seen me before,” she promises in the first-look trailer which was released on August 14.

Accompanied by her boyfriend Jake and mum Letitia, she will juggle the stresses of running her businesses and preparing for motherhood.

Charlotte in Sunderland Binge
Letitia and Charlotte Crosby. Binge

What can we expect?

For fans who can’t get enough of the outspoken star, we’ll get to see the goings-on in Charlotte’s life, including her successful empire. Because, on top of being one of the most famous faces in the world, Crosby owns the clothing label Pepper Girls Club and the homeware label, Naked Lane.

Plus, we’ll also see just how resourceful the self-made businesswoman is, getting a behind-the-scenes look at the woman who has amassed a large and loyal young fan base throughout her years growing up in the limelight. 

Charlotte in Sunderland is made by Chatterbox Media for BBC Three and BBC iPlayer.

Stream Charlotte in Sunderland from August 17 with new episodes dropping weekly, only on Binge.

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